Saturday, April 7

Triple Tree


I am still awake at this hour partly because I slept most of the (stormy) day away! I think my body's compensating for the lack of sleep hence the hibernation! Whatever it is, it has done me some good because I definitely feel less cranky now (:

For those who are searching for a nice restaurant to have lunch at tomorrow, I would highly recommend the international lunch buffet ($72++/pax) at Triple Tree, Mandarin Orchard Singapore. Looking at the wide selection of food was enough to make me excited and all I wanted was to try as many dishes as possible! =) On the whole, I felt that the savory dishes were above average, the dimsums fared terribly and the desserts were only so-so. I hope that they'll do something about their rubbery dimsums as well as their uninspiring but generally average-tasting desserts!

Alright enough babbling, I'll just show you the pics taken that day:

Dishes that you MUST try are their signature honey ham, beef and dishes from their Indian food section! (:

What we loved most about Triple Tree is that it wasn't as noisy as other buffet places so we could talk and hear each other without much trouble. I really hate repeating myself when I'm not at work so going to places which are relatively quiet is a plus for me. I also liked the fact that we could top up $6 for free-flow soft drinks! (: Definitely a plus for a sprite-lover like me! (: We would revisit in the near future and hopefully there'll be new desserts (perhaps a chocolate fountain and bread&butter pudding?) for us to try! (:

Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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  1. Wa, i spotted lala among the seafood. They did not have that the last time I went. How much did you pay per pax?