Thursday, April 5


Hello everyone!

The week is finally over and boy am I glad for this long weekend! There's loads to do but at least we don't have to go back to school tomorrow so we can all catch up on some much-needed rest!

I shall do a short post on one of my favourite eating places of all times - Cedele! (: I love Cedele because everything on the menu looks so consumable! I think there was a point in time whereby I went to Cedele almost every week because the friends who I chose to meet up with coincidentally picked Cedele as our meet-up venue so I got to taste quite a few of their dishes already. Anyhow, if you like healthy food that has a stronger homemade taste compared to other restaurants, then Cedele is the place to go to!

There are many Cedele branches sprinkled over the island but the ones that I frequent most would be the outlets at Wheelock and Raffles City! (: I took Matty to the Raffles City outlet not too long ago because he has never had a proper meal at Cedele so we simply HAD to dine there!

As soft drinks are not served at Cedele, we chose to have a bottle of Heineken ($8.50) as well as a bottle of Healthy Thirst Elderflower ($5.30). The latter is my replacement for soft drinks whenever I visit Cedele - it's light, refreshing and most importantly, fizzy! (: I absolutely love it!

Cedele's pretty well-known for their yummy soups that used to come with freeflow bread but I don't think bread is free flow anymore because ours came sliced and portioned. We chose to share a large bowl of wild mushroom soup ($9) [which was split into two smaller bowls as featured above] for our starter and we were also served slices of bread with lurpak butter! I only take butter when it's cold and hard so these cold lurpak(s) were simply a delight to eat!

That day, I finally admitted to myself that I am a mushroom lover because not only did I have msuhroom soup for my starter, I also had mixed mushroom risotto ($16.90) for my main! I always believe that risotto is comfort food and I was pleased that I managed to get my risotto fix that day.

Matty decided to try the red chilli crab pasta ($16.90) which wasn't too spicy; in fact, it was relatively ketchuppy! I felt that it was okay but I prefer having my risotto!

We wanted to have dessert at another place so we gave desserts a miss this time. Having said that though, I think Cedele's range and quality of cakes are way above average so do hop down to Cedele to try their cakes!

Alright that's all for now (: I hope that you'll have a great weekend ahead!

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