Sunday, April 1



It's been a while since I last blogged because life got a little too exciting for my liking over the past week but things have settled down already so I am back to blog! (:

Today, I shall blog about my return visit to Loola's! My previous trip to Loola's left such a great impression that I immediately chose to dine there again when I realised I'd to choose a place at Esplanade to have dinner! This time, we managed to visit Loola's during dinner time and we got to sit outdoors because the tables inside were full! I guess it's wiser to make a reservation especially if you intend to visit Loola's on a Friday night because you might not get a table if you choose to walk-in! Thankfully, the weather wasn't unbearably hot that day so outdoor dining went pretty well (:

We decided to skip starters this time and chose to have dessert for 'starters' instead! (: I knew I HAD to try the huge slice of lemon yogurt cake with vanilla ice cream ($11.21) as it caught my attention the moment I walked in! The cake was pretty dense but the lemon taste was strong! I love lemon cakes so I liked this qutie a bit! The only problem is that the cake got a little too filling to finish so we ate what we could and left some of it after our meal! The vanilla bean icecream was above average.

For my mains, I chose to have The Really Big Breakfast ($24.29) and it was filling and satisfying! I absolutely love all-day breakfast places because I realise that I've a penchant for breakfasty/brunchy food! What I loved most about this breakfast plate is the warm scrambled eggs that went perfectly well with the toast given! (: Would totally have this again!

Matty chose to have the Braised Pork Belly ($26.16), which was tender and generally filling (: I think the crispy lotus slices as well as the rougher-than-usual/chunky mashed potato were extremely palateable too! I kept stealing his mash! haha

I think I should take my family members there in the near future because I suspect that they'll like the food and relaxed ambience quite a bit! I shall suggest going there this Friday to celebrate my sister's birthday in advance! (:

Alright that's all for now! Have a good week ahead! (:


  1. Miss Limmy! I thought you don't eat meat then how come you ordered the really big breakfast which comes with bacon and sausages? :)))

  2. Oh cos I wanted some breakfasty food and that was the heartiest breakfast set I could find on the menu! haha It's okay I managed to exchange dishes with my dinner companion so it ain't that bad! (: