Thursday, November 8



It's near the end of the week yet there's still much to be done! This week's been quite an eyeopening week and I really do hope that all/ most things will work out well.

We went to a Japanese restaurant called Shinjuku, located at Cuppage Plaza, not too long ago to have a light meal because we weren't feeling particularly hungry that day. I still am pretty amazed at how many Japanese restaurants are nestled inside Cuppage Plaza, a place that I hardly ever go to! This was my second trip to Shinjuku and though they've changed their location, the food is still just as good!

We were promptly served warm green tea upon arrival!

I love boiled edamame ($6.60), especially those that are sprinkled with salt! =D These were perfect - warm, soft yet not overboiled.

Yakitori! Tsukune ($6.60) and Shiitake mushrooms ($5.30). I really dislike how the mushrooms look so withered and dry but thankfully they didn't taste as bad as they look.

Shishamo aka pregnant fish ($7.60). I don't particularly like eating this but I guess it does have an interesting texture and distinct flavour to it. I think it was my godfather who introduced this to me when I was a kid and I was simply appalled that we were eating 'pregnant fish'. Till today, I try not to eat the head and the tail cos I think they taste funny (or maybe it's just psychological).

My favourite tofu dish - agedashi tofu ($7.60). I never fail to order this dish if I want to eat tofu! The only thing I don't really like about this dish is that the tofu will become soggy and disintegrate easily if left in the sauce for too long, making it difficult to pick up. Nevertheless, it was yummy!

Last but not least, we shared the tempura moriawase ($18.80) aka mixed tempura. Somehow these tempura pieces tasted very crisp and the fried batter tasted pretty light. I suspect it's the kind of oil they use but it might also be the way of cooking. It's definitely one of the better tempuras that I've had in a while!

I'll be interested to try other Japanese restaurants at Cuppage area and may make a trip down this hols! (:

Alright that's all for now! Have a great weekend!

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