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After living next to ToTT for years, I FINALLY made my maiden trip to ToTT last Sunday to check it out! =) Before I went to ToTT, all that I knew about it was that it is like IKEA- it even has a little cafe just like IKEA's - except that it sells cooking and baking ware! Nothing prepared me for the well-furnished, gleaming interior and the wide variety of kitchen ware on display! If you love pretty utensils and designer kitchen ware, then ToTT would be a haven for you!

Before we went about exploring the place, we stopped by at the cafe to grab lunch! The cafe was surprisingly packed that day partly because there was a birthday party going on so a section of the seating area was cordoned off. Thankfully some very kind people decided to give up their table once they were done eating so we didn't have to wait too long for a seat (: You have to have a table before you start ordering your food or you'll be reminded by the guy at the food counter. I guess that only makes sense because you don't wish to be stuck with a tray full of food and have no table to eat at!

That day, we decided to go for the Braised Beef Cheek ($8.50), Pan Fried Dory ($8.50), French Fries ($2.70) and Chamomile Dream Soya Beancurd ($2.20). We paid $3.80 for the Esprit orange sparking drink. Unlike IKEA's wonderful meatballs with jam and salmon with broccoli and kickass daim cake, ToTT's food was merely average and I don't think I would be actually want to go to ToTT just to have their food. Oh please do not ever order their fries because they don't taste like real fried salted fries; instead, they taste more baked and they were limpy =( The most interesting dish we had was the chamomile beancurd, which Matty quite liked but I didn't take to it. Even after making myself try mouthfuls of it throughout the meal, I still couldn't get used to it and found myself not wanting to have any more of it towards the end. I guess it might be a case of acquired taste but I don't think I would choose to have that again any time soon.

I suspect I'll be back at ToTT soon to look at kitchen ware again because one of my colleagues has been eyeing a sous vide machine! haha Well I guess there are other things worth looking at as well =)

Till the next post! (:

P.S. Thanks Jeffrey for sponsoring more space for this blog :) I owe you a pair of goretex trekking pants or sth that you need in return. Many thanks again!

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