Tuesday, December 11

Ding Tai Feng


We just came back from our virgin trip to see the Supertrees and we are feeling super happy! (: The weather was nothing short of perfect for an outdoor excursion today so we were feeling superb throughout the entire trip! Gardens by the Bay is REALLY huge and we didn't manage to cover the entire garden. In fact, we only planned to visit both observatories as well as do the OCBC skywalk and we are proud to say that we managed to accomplish all that we wanted to do! (: It truly is an amazing place and we would definitely go back many times in the near future to check out the other parts of the park.

Just before we went to Gardens by the Bay, we stopped by Ding Tai Feng at Marina Bay Sands for a quick lunch! (:

Ding Tai Feng was crowded as usual but we suspect that there is a shortage of manpower hence the less-brisk-than-usual service!

We both ordered the Lemon Grass Drink ($4.20/ glass) and it is THE best drink I've had at DTF! It is surprisingly refreshing and it isn't too sweet so we both liked it very much.

Matty decided to order ONE truffle xiao long bao ($4.50) just to try it out and he said that it didn't taste as nice as their normal xiao long baos! I guess the truffle taste and smell was just too faint to make a difference? I am pretty amused that they allow patrons to order just ONE xiao long bao on its own! haha I guess it's quite a good idea since some people might just want to have ONE to try.

We also were more adventurous today in choosing our noodles for sharing as we chose to have the spicy noodle ($7/bowl), which is a new item. There are no condiments and it's basically plain noodles with some chilli and some sauce but it tasted good! Not too spicy even for me (my tolerance for spicy food isn't that great) so if you are in the mood for some spicy noodles, you can order this!

I think this plate of stir fried dou miaos ($12) was perfect. I love how they do not overcook the dou miaos till they become soggy and limp; these were still crispy, light and fresh tasting. Wonderful veggie dish to have! 

We never fail to order century egg with ginger ($4) when we come to Ding Tai Feng or when it is on the menu because Matty likes it and I am pretty alright with it too (: I think DTF does a good job of this dish because the egg isn't too pungent and the sauce is sweeter than usual (:

The layered steamed cake ($3.50) which both of us liked a lot as well! I finally was able to eat this cake by peeling layer by layer! It is a simple and comforting dish which isn't sweet so I think it will make for a good dessert for those who do not like to indulge in sweet things.

One reason why I would actually go back to DTF again and again is because of their mini steamed yam xiao long baos ($6.80 for 6 pieces)! The yam paste is mixed to perfection because it is smooth and not overly sweet and the thin xlb skin complements this wonderfully. I always order this dish when I go to DTF and I highly recommend it!

Alright I will be going off on a break till next week so I most likely won't be updating this space till I am back (: Have a great rest of the week!

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