Saturday, December 29

Barossa (Holland Village)

Hello (:

Am finally back in the comfort of home (: Though I managed to retreat home every night to rest and go back for camp early in the morning the next day, it brings me great relief to know that I can finally stay in tomorrow morning to do my own things and to rest. I really have to thank the kind colleagues who offered to stay over in school, thus giving the few lucky people like myself the option of going home to rest every night, so thank you!

Barossa serves pub food and it is usually pretty empty in the day time (not too sure about night time). Like most restaurants and pubs, Barossa has its own lunch and dinner deals and I guess these go very well if you were to like drinking! The setting of Barossa in Holland Village is quite cosy as Barossa occupies a corner and the seating area is not very big.  

What I remembered most fondly about Barossa was the Barossa Salad ($12), and I had hoped to try it again when I visited the outlet at Holland Village not too long ago. Though the ingredients are still the same, the salad I had at the Holland Village branch was much sweeter than the one I had years ago at the Esplanade branch. I would have preferred this if it weren't that sweet but it was still quite nice (: I think the cranberries stood out for me because I love dried cranberries! (:

Matty ordered a ginger ale ($6) and it was pretty normal. I was thankful he chose a fizzy drink so I could get a sip or two when I felt like I needed some fizz! 

I had a glass of orange juice, which came with

the Wholesome Breakfast Set ($28). It was actually pretty large, as you can see from the photo above, and we were thankful that we were sharing both our mains or we would not be able to finish our food on our own! On the whole, the items in the wholesome breakfast set were saltier than usual and they weren't as well-made compared to other breakfast sets that we have had. Well I guess we should have gone for something more 'pubbish' like fish & chips but generally this was average. It would fill you up but it won't leave you craving for more nor would you want to order this again in future. 

Comparatively, the scallop and asparagus pasta in cream sauce ($22) was much better but again, I was thankful that we were sharing this or it'll definitely be too gelat for one of us to finish this entirely on our own! This was a pretty average and 'safe' dish to have and if you are a big lover of cream sauce, this would go right down your alley!

This trip to Barossa kind of wiped out the relatively good impression I had of this pub partly because their only saving grace - the Barossa Salad - is not as wondrous as I had remembered it to be. But no matter, I'm sure I'll find another place that serves kickass salad with cranberries in the near future! (:

Alright I'm off to take a break! Happy counting down to 2012! (: Have a great weekend!

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