Wednesday, December 5

Vegan Burg


Sorry for the lack of updates! I was away the past week on a school trip hence didn't have the time to blog. Right now, I still have a bit of light-headedness and I suspect it's because of excessive airplane air! =S However whatever I'm feeling now isn't as bad as what I felt on the first night after we landed so I am optimistic that my head will be fine by the end of the day or tomorrow :)

I shall do a short post on Vegan Burg because I think that's as much as my brain can handle at this point.. =) I was first introduced to Vegan Burg by my best friend, Jo, and back then I had to travel all the way to the east to eat at this fastfood place because there was only one outlet. Since then, Vegan Burg has expanded and there is one outlet at Turf City now! (: Matty and I went there for my predeparture trip and we had a good time rediscovering that this fastfood place is a heaven to me because I have so many choices! (: Basically I can eat anything I want at Vegan Burg and that makes it a place that I would happily go to any time because I won't have to stick to having one or two types of burgers.

Unlike many other fastfood restaurants, Vegan Burg does not serve soft drinks; instead they are slightly 'healthier' and serve fruit juices and other types of organic teas/ coffees. We settled for Orange Passion fruit (left) and Apple Blackcurrant (right) which were great as they weren't too sweet.

We ordered two meals: the creamy shrooms meal ($11.85) and smoky BBQ meal ($10.85) and they were very filling! Each meal comes with a burger, a packet of thick straight cut fries and a cup of drink. (Both meals look the same so I only took one photo). Admittedly, the meals are pretty pricey considering they are fastfood meals but I guess their burgers do taste distinctly different from other normal fastfood burgers and believe it or not, they taste 'healthier' so I guess the price justifies the taste. Also, you are almost guaranteed to feel full after finishing the entire meal so this beats normal fastfood meals any day! :)

I am pretty sure that we'll go back to Vegan Burg in the near future to try their other burgers (: Till then, I will try to get rid of the movement in my head and settle outstanding work! Have a great rest of the week (:

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