Sunday, January 20

Aqua Marine

Hello (:

As I prep for the week ahead, I can't help but think back on the first nice weekly meal I had this year. It was a treat from Matty (thank you!) and the meal indeed gave us much strength and energy to last the first hectic week of school! On the whole, the selection was pretty Asian and the food was quite good though I would think that if you want to have a wider spread of Asian food, you should go to Carousel instead. Nevertheless, the ambience at Aqua Marine is not too bad since it is less crowded and hence less noisy. Their staff are also very friendly and attentive so that's definitely a plus :) We won't be frequent visitors of this restaurant because we aren't big fans of Asian buffets and it is located at the tail-end of town but it was alright :) I shall spam photos and not leave captions since I am quite tired right now!

If I had to nominate a 'best dish', it would have to be the durian pengat (featured in the last photo)! It is thick, creamy, sweet and sinful and it is ravishingly good! I took a small sample to try then decided to get a HUGE serving! :) Felt so full and happy after that! Don't miss that if you head to Aqua Marine!

Alright that's all :) Back to the last bit of work so that I can call it a night! Have a great week ahead! (:

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