Saturday, January 12



Sorry for the lack of updates! I've been extremely busy with Orientation and now that the bulk of my job is over (there is still Orientation for the seniors), I can take a short breather to do a short post before I go back to work!

Jo and Matty decided to treat me to lunch at Tatsuya and I was more than happy to go for a meal with them after a crazy week! Alas, we forgot to bring the camera hence I'd to use my trusty hp to take the photos that follow. Unfortunately, I do not have the receipt for keepsake cos Jo paid and hence these photos will have to suffice for memory keepsake (:

We ordered the Edamame: steamed beans with salt (love the salt!) to share while waiting for the rest of the food to come. I especially love salty steamed beans! These beans were warm, soft and fresh and I loved eating them!

Since it was our first time at Tatsuya, we didn't know how big the portions would be so we decided to order saba shio to share (: Frankly I never really liked saba because there are just way too many bones for my liking and I hate being overly cautious when I eat so I seldom go for this. However, I must say that this particular saba was fantastic because it was so well marinated! (: It's definitely worth a try! 

Bento set which I chose! (: I absolutely cannot remember what this set is called but I chose it because it has all the things that I felt like eating this afternoon. I wanted to order something noodly but their udon set didn't look too appetizing so I went for this instead (: I think it filled me up sufficiently and I felt happy after eating it! (: Having good food after a week of hard work is GREAT!

I would definitely like to go back to try other food - perhaps the kaiseiki set? - at Tatsuya in the near future! (:

Alright that's all for now. I will update again when I've more time! (: Happy weekend!

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