Saturday, January 19


Good morning! (:

It's a cool and wet morning, great for staying indoors! (: I realised I need to find a way to blog twice a week like before because I've been terribly ill-disciplined of late. Lack of time is a valid reason of course but I guess I'll have to find a way around it so that I can keep this food journal alive (:
We went to Michelangelo's a while ago for lunch and was pleasantly surprised to see that they offer pretty affordable set lunches! (: We opted for 2 $35 set lunches and we shared most of what we ordered that day, which I am starting to realise is a good idea because we get some variety.

While waiting for food, we drank my favourite non-flavoured fizzy drink - S. Pellegrino ($12/ bottle)! (: It is definitely a good replacement for sprite which sometimes come at shocking prices.

What I was most amused by the SINGLE slice of bread the waiter served as pre-lunch starters! I had thought they would give a basket of bread like what most other restaurants do but I wasn't too bothered since we ordered starters anyway.

Our first starter - the Caprese, which was generally alright. I don't particularly fancy this dish because somehow, in my mind, it is too cheesy but I forget that its texture is like harden tofu and it didn't smell too bad. 

I opted for the soup of the day which was pea soup if I'm not wrong and it tasted quite nice (: I guess I like thick, warm soups for starters!

We decided to get 2 pasta/ spaghetti dishes for our mains because we were in a pasta/ spaghetti mood! The first was Carbonara Spaghetti, which was rich and creamy! The bacon smell was somehow quite strong but on the whole it was a filling dish.

The other was the frutti di mare penne pasta, which tasted distinctly different from the carbonara though they were both cream-based. The seafood was fresh and the dish was pretty well put-together. It was a good choice! (:
For dessert, we chose to have the tiramisu, which was so-so and
a slice of cheesecake, which turned out to be nicer than it looked because it wasn't too soft nor too sweet.

It was great visiting Michelangelo's again after a long hiatus. We will be back again in the future (: Happy weekend! (:

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