Friday, May 31

Don Quijote Weekend Brunch Buffet


Semester 1 is officially over! Phew. This sem seemed extremely long and it was probably so because of an 'extra' week of school at the start of the year. I'm quite sure we all deserve a good break this June (: Though I still have to go back to school next week (and the last week of June hols), I'm thankful that I can sleep a little later than usual and need not wake up before day breaks every single day! Poof.

This semester is slightly different from the others because I actually have a few friends-cum-colleagues leaving our school for other places and till now, I'm not quite sure how to process the information. My mind knows that they are leaving yet I don't feel anything about it.. not for now anyway. I hope that I will somehow/ slowly accept their departure rather than it being a slap in the face when reality hits.

Anyhow, I told them about my trip to Don Quijote last weekend and they were quite keen to make a trip to this place for our farewell meal.

Matty and I went for the free flow juices & soft drinks brunch buffet, which costs about  $36++/pax (the total sum will come up to about $42/pax). There were so many dishes on the menu and I think we only managed to try half of them because we couldn't possibly have tried so many dishes anyway! This only means that we should make a trip down again some day to try out the other dishes (or perhaps the entire spread!) with our friends.

We started off with warm bread rolls with some butter and they were perfect because we were starving!

I had sprite and he had orange juice and I was overjoyed that I didn't have to pay extra for sprite! (: Woot!


Gazpacho - Cold vegetable soup. This wasn't my favourite soup because I generally dislike cold soup, but for what it is worth, it was pretty easy to drink so it shouldn't be too difficult to take in. 

Crema de Calabaza y Puerros - Cream of pumpkin and leek. I loved this bowl of warm, hearty soup! I realised that I love thick pumpkin soup and Don Quijote's managed to hit the mark! Would have this again the next time I go back! 


Aguacate con Cangrejo - Crab, scallop and avocado meats, made into a dip. This was quite a light dish and it would be perfect for sharing when there are more people. 

Calamares Fritos - Fried battered squid, served with house sauce. Fried to perfection and they complemented the 'house sauce' perfectly! Wonderful combination! 

 Alitas de Pollo al Ajillo con Salsa Picante - Chicken wings in garlic-and-chilli-sauce. Matty said that the chilli sauce is spicy so those who can't take spicy food, please avoid this dish!

Gambas al Ajillo - Garlic fried shrimp. This was actually very nicely cooked - the garlic made the prawns very fragrant! (: Best eaten warm.

Revuelto de Esparragos y Gambas - Scrambled eggs with asparagus and shrimp. This wasn't very nice actually because I don't like my scrambled eggs to be too 'wet' and mushy. The taste wasn't very distinctive or memorable. 

Setas al Ajillo - Garlic fried mushrooms. These were perfect too (: Just enough for two people to share. 

Rollitos de Esparragos y Beicon - Asparagus rolled in bacon. I didn't try this but Matty said these were 'super good'! haha I guess bacon lovers will definitely have this! I know that my siblings will love this (: 


Pasta con Ternera y Setas en Salsa de Nata - Beef and mushroom pasta in cream sauce. A tad too heavy for my liking and I tried very hard to finish eating this (thankfully I did!) but I think this dish is best served when there are 3 or more people at the table.


Pudin de Pan y Mantequilla - Bread and butter pudding. Not the best bread & butter pudding that I've had but this was good enough! (: Even Matty, who is not a bread & butter pudding fan, complimented this dish so it is worth trying!  

 Pastel de Naranja y Queso - Orange cheesecake. This gave a good balance to the bread & butter pudding as this is slightly denser and richer, yet at the same time I think the orange bits made a difference as the cheese cake didn't taste overly cheesy. 

All in all, the meal was extremely satisfying and the cherry on top of the cake is that the restaurant wasn't very crowded at 1.45pm on a Sunday afternoon. I am looking forward to checking into this restaurant earlier next time so that we can have more time talking to each other without fearing that we will have to shout over our voices.

Alright I am dead beat. Shall retire to bed now. Goodnight & happy holidays! (:

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