Monday, September 2

House at Dempsey

Hello (:

Am suffering from a severe case of distraction and lack of discipline so I am going to try to work it off by blogging about a nice dinner I had last week before I went to Vietnam.

We decided to head to House at Dempsey because they supposedly have a new menu and we thought that it might be worth a try (:

We started the night with a cup of cappucino ($6) and a small glass of whiskey ($18), which were relatively okay.

Their celeriac soup ($14) was absolutely divine! (: Loved the creamy and thick broth as well the one little scallop swimming in it. Would definitely opt to have this again any time! 

They took a long while to serve the rest of our dishes because they probably forgot about our dishes so in exchange for our patience, they gave us a free flat red bean bao (which was really not bad!). I have never tried their famous bao as I always thought that it is overpriced and it probably won't taste that good anyway so I'm quite happy that we managed to try this this way.

 I cannot remember when the first time I ate truffle fries but House's Truffle Fries ($12) was probably one of the first few that I've tried and fell in love with and still currently like. It somehow manages to refrain from being too oily and it remains crispy throughout the meal (: I would definitely have this any day too!

Oops pardon the very dark photo of the Lamb Rack ($30), which was, according to my dinner date, extremely well-cooked (: If you are game for some lamb, you might want to pop by House to get your fix as they seem to do quite a decent job at preparing this dish! (: I helped to eat the veggies and the mushrooms and they were alright (didn't quite fancy the sauce that came along with them though).

For desserts, we shared their famous warm chocolate toffee cake ($9.50), which is always a winner to me (: I like that the cake is moist and that the chocolate is just gooey enough to complement the cake (: Will consider ordering this cake for the next department birthday celebration (:

Alright that's all for now (: I hope that the next 3 days will be bearable! The kids are probably still recovering from Vietnam Trip and they are transiting to their real holiday mood so it might be tough to get them going but persevere we must! (: Have a great week ahead! (:

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