Friday, December 20

Osaka Food Adventure

Hello! (:

I am back from Osaka and I shall post photos of some of the culinary delights we had (: In general, there is loads to eat and you can find really good food if you do some research and take the effort to get to the places/ areas that sell the type of food that you wish to eat (: I'll be selective and showcase the food/ meals that I found interesting/ memorable (: I won't be elaborating much on each photo but I might give a comment or two on a particular meal/ type of food so that I can add these information to my memory bank (:

Dotonbori - Osaka's famous food street! (: If you love to eat street food, and you have an adventurous spirit, you must visit Dontonbori! (: It's near Namba Station and you can easily find a wide range of Japanese food here! (: This place comes alive at night so you might want to visit it in the evening (:

Eel rice bowl. This might seem pretty nondescript or merely average to you but this meal was memorable because it was our first lunch in Osaka and the eel tasted good! (: It's kinda pricey though but you get good service and well-cooked eel (:

Okonomiyaki is one of the must-try dishes when you visit Osaka because Osaka's (apparently) famous for it! (: We were lucky that Fugetsu (a chain outlet that serves Okonomiyaki) opens till 11pm everyday so we had our first meal after touching down in Osaka at night at Fugetsu! (: We shared an okonomiyaki with noodles the first time so we decided to head back there again a week later to try the one without the noodles (: They are all yummy! (: You can find an outlet at Yodobashi Shopping Mall, which is next to Umeda Station. There are many others around as well so I'm sure you can find one that is convenient for you to get to.

Udon. I find it funny that we tasted great udon at the most unexpected of places - Rinkku Town! We decided to make a day trip to Rinkku Town to see if we can some shopping done at their premium brands outlet mall (which was only average to us because we didn't get to buy clothes that we could wear in Sg since most stalls were selling winter clothes). The set lunch that we had at a randomly picked restaurant was fantastic! (: If you ever are at Rinkku Town, you should head here for some good food at reasonable prices! (:

Soba. We were really lucky to be staying quite near this 1* Michelin soba restaurant called Makino. It's in between JR Fukushima and JR Osaka stations (: You must remember to go at opening time because it is a small 20-seater restaurant that is well-known by the locals and it fills up within 10mins of opening time. Also, the restaurant closes once their soba sells out so it's best to go early to avoid queueing/ disappointment! (: The soba, needless to say, was simple yet wholesome. You really have to try this if you are a soba fan.

Kushikatsu. Our first taste of kushikatsu at Dotonbori left us craving for more so we visited another kushikatsu restaurant at Osaka Station's Isetan Shopping Centre Dining Floor (: It has 5 kinds of sauces/ salt for you to dip the various fried food items into to eat. The interesting thing is that the waiter(ess) will actually take the effort to place the fried item such that the stick points to the sauce/ salt that best complements it (: Cool!

Sukiyaki. This was my first time having Sukiyaki and what an experience it was! (: I thoroughly enjoyed watching the very experienced lady cook our meal for us (: The beef didn't disappoint and my dinner companion was more than pleased with the beef, especially the marbled slices! (: But this particular restaurant is VERY popular so you must make a reservation at least 3days in advance to get a table.

Japanese Fine Dining. We didn't think we would end up having a fine dining meal this trip but Hanano's food looked pretty enticing so we went ahead and make a reservation for two for dinner. Frankly, it was one of the most filling meals I've had in my life and I felt so stuffed after it! =( I don't know how the people sitting at the tables around us can manage to eat way more than us! Erps. The meal is very pricey and the food, though good, lacked the refinement or 'wow' factor that I thought I would taste. Granted I am not a connoisseur of fine dining dishes, nor do I frequent fine dining restaurants a lot, I guess I was hoping to taste that something extra, which was kind of missing (in my opinion) that day. Nevertheless, if you want somewhere with a nice, comfortable, homely ambience, you can go to Hanano.

If you love food and love to eat as much as I do, then Osaka is THE city you must visit if you decide to go to Japan (: "Kuidaore" , which literally means "to eat oneself bankrupt" or "eat until you drop", aptly and adequately describes the food culture which many people and visitors like myself see and experience in Osaka.

Yup that's all for now! Till the next adventure! (:

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