Sunday, December 29

Donna Carmela

Hello (:

We kinda messed up our plans today and that caused us to be REALLY hungry at dinner time so we decided to go to one of my favourite restaurants near our area, and possibly my favourite Italian restaurant in Singapore, Donna Carmela for dinner!

I was craving for warm pasta and other yummy Italian goodness but what awaited us was BETTER than what I had wanted - a $49++/pax special end-of-year buffet dinner that came with a glass of Italian sparkling white wine each! (But I changed my drink to sprite!) (: (: (: Since I was famished, this option looked very enticing but I still wanted to have some warm food for dinner.. so I decided to ask the waitress if there's any main course available and she said that there were 3 types of lasagne and of course, upon hearing that, I was SOLD. Wheeee (:

Food galore: 

There were more desserts of course but we were so stuffed from eating lots of salad and lasagne that we could only have these! Truth be told there is only ONE dessert from this restaurant that I would order - their special rendition of WARM tiramisu. It is THE best tiramisu I've tasted in my life! (: I shall remember to order that the next time I visit Donna Carmela.

Alright it's time to hit the sack for a long day awaits me tomorrow! Goodnight! (:

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