Tuesday, December 24

Choupinette and Eggs&Berries

Hello (:

I am totally over my eggs benny phase (I think being in Japan helped a bit) but I'd like to post two other kinds of eggs benedicts that I tried last month (:

I've long noticed the crazy queues outside Choupinette, especially on weekends, so I made a mental note not to visit this place during the weekends to avoid the crowd. Thankfully, they serve eggs benedict even on weekdays so we popped by during one of the weekdays last month and got ourselves a nice table in the centre of the relatively quiet cafe.

The eggs benedict set is actually pretty affordable at Choupinette because you get a glass of fruit juice and a cup of warm drink with every meal that you pay! (: I like this concept because it is almost a given that most diners who eat breakfasty things would like a breakfasty beverage to go along with it and to give not one but two complimentary drinks along with any main course ordered is considered, at least to me, very generous (: I had a glass of orange juice and a cup of hot chocolate and my friend had a glass of lime juice and a cup of cappuccino. The warm drinks were slightly above average so they tasted pretty alright (:

We were pretty famished that day so we ordered soup of the day aka Mushroom Soup ($9). I know it sounds ridiculous to pay $9 for a bowl of soup but this bowl of mushroom soup didn't taste like the normal kinds that other cafes usually serve. It had a more mushroomy taste and I think they added truffle oil to the soup as well, which gave it more body. The butter at the side is for the slices of french baguette, which were crispy on the outside and warm and chewy on the inside as they are supposed to be.

Photos of our two mains:

Eggs Royale Set ($23) that comes with said main course and two drinks.

Eggs Florentine Set ($22) that comes with said main course and two drinks.

Based on the limited samples of Eggs Benedict that I've had so far, I must say that Choupinette impressed me the most though I felt that it could be a tad saltier? The hollandaise sauce was definitely creamy enough and it went very well with the spinach and the eggs (: Yumyum.

And because I had such fond memories of having eclairs at Choupinette during my younger days, I convinced my friend to share an eclair and we had the dark chocolate eclair ($5.90), which  sadly seemed to have fallen from grace =( Maybe the normal chocolate eclair would taste a bit better but I'm hesitant to try. Perhaps next time (:

Our friend, knowing that we're on an eggs benny trial phase, recommended Eggs& Berries at Changi City Point and the three of us travelled to try their version of eggs benny! Eggs and Berries has an extensive menu and I must confess that I was nearly tempted to try something else but I stuck to my main objective of going to Eggs and Berries (which is to try their eggs benny) so I chose eggs benny with mushrooms (in replacement of bacon) in the end! (:

As you can see from the photo above, Eggs & Berries' rendition of the dish isn't what we would normally expect and it was a filling meal (thanks to the potato rosti). Their eggs were poached well but I don't think their hollandaise sauce was very tasty to me. It had less viscosity than I expected but it wasn't bad at all. I liked their generous serving of baby spinach leaves (: In all, it was a rather exciting dish and I don't regret trying this at all (: In fact, I am game to try other dishes that they offer! (: Maybe I'll make a trip to the far east again in the near future (:

Alright that's all for now (: Can't believe the year is ending already.. shall try to enjoy whatever that's left of this year before the whole crazy busy cycle called work life resumes again in 2014.

Merry Christmas everyone! (:


  1. there's eggs & berries at westgate now! :P

    1. Oh okay! Thank you for that info (: