Friday, December 27

The Tea Lounge @Regent Hotel

Hello (:

I woke up extremely early today to send a couple I know to the airport and on the way back, I started to crave Ya Kun's Kaya Toast but since it was way too early and none of Ya Kun's outlets are opened (save for the one, ironically, at the airport), I went to Bukit Timah Market for some toast and carrot cake (: It was nice eating some local fare for breakfast because I realised that I usually eat bread from bakeries for breakfast during term time.. and I didn't realise that I actually quite enjoy eating local breakfast food till I went to the market today. So it was quite a nice surprise (: Perhaps I'll try to go to the market once or twice more this holidays before I'm back to my bread-for-breakfast routine when school starts.

Speaking of local food, I think I don't really have a "local palette" because I don't particularly miss eating Singaporean food when I'm abroad, maybe because, like a close friend pointed out, I seldom eat local food when I go out nor do I actively make it a point to eat it. I'm fine with not having a local palette cos it doesn't mean that I don't enjoy.. it just means that I don't particularly like it or love it. Am fine with or without it (:

Anyway, enough of talking about local food. Shall move onto the main topic of this post - English High Tea.

I have always known that I prefer English High Tea to other types of High Tea. In fact, one of our very first meals after our return from Japan is a weekend high tea buffet at The Tea Lounge at Regent Hotel (: Since it was near Christmas when we visited The Tea Lounge, there was a huge inedible Christmas centre piece in the middle of the Tea Lounge, the pianist at the piano played Christmas songs, and there was a Christmassy mood all around (: It was a nice welcome back to Reality and I enjoyed the couple of hours spent there, just indulging in good food and good chatter (: The only downside was that they decided to replace their famous Chilli Crab with Fried Mantous with Christmassy food like turkey and ham so we didn't get to eat our share of mantous dipped in chilli crab sauce that day! But it's alright, we're most likely to go back anyway so we'll have that another time.

Okay enough of blabbering. Time for photos! (:




I'll be posting photos of our other High Tea session at Goodwood Park Hotel (another favourite of mine!) soon (:

Happy Friday and enjoy the last weekend of 2013! (:

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