Sunday, November 30

Chez Petit Salut

Hello! (:

I'm back from my school trips and can finally rest for a little before going for the final one for this year (: The last week spent in the USA was pretty good - everything went smoothly and the kids were easy to manage and they got along with each other very well so all was good (: I've been quite picky about food ever since I returned partly because I have had too much of certain kinds of food in the USA so I would prefer not to have those when I'm back. I don't think I missed Asian/ Singaporean food that much but I definitely wanted a change, which explains my choice to have soup and noodles and all at Ding Tai Feng the day I landed.

Okay enough rambling! The main purpose of this post is to showcase the set lunch that I had at Chez Petit Salut (near Holland Village)! (: I have been to both Petit Salut outlets at Harding Road and Holland Village and I must say truthfully that the meals have never disappointed. If you want something warm, hearty and filling, you might want to pop by one of these outlets to try their relatively affordable set lunches ($30++/pax). Personally, I prefer the outlet at Holland Village cos it has a less pretentious and more homely atmosphere (: Time for photos!

“Salad Niçoise” Tuna chunks, fine beans, cherry tomato, hard boiled egg & black olives

 “Linguine alla Puttanesca” with anchovy, capers, black oilves in tomato

Choux buns with vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce & sliced almonds

December is going to be a busy month but I'll do my best to enjoy whatever that comes my way (: Have a great Sunday!

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