Monday, November 17

The Udder Pancake


I'm finally back in Singapore! (: Woot woot! The past 5 days in Hanoi with the kids were tiring because we had to be on high alert mode because Hanoi isn't the safest place for a school trip. Am completely relieved that everyone managed to come back safely.

I celebrated my freedom from being class chaperone by indulging in Western food last night and this afternoon. I didn't realise how big a part Western desserts played in my diet till I got to Hanoi and all I wanted was ice-cream and coffee cheesecake. Ha!

Today, I went to the relatively newly opened The Udder Pancake with My Bellygood Friend =P It basically is an expansion of Udders (the ice cream place) and these two cafes are actually joined so you can order Udders icecream/waffles and have them at The Udder Pancake, which we did (:

Their pancakes are surprisingly tasty and they are similar to Macdonald's! I like that they are generous with their maple syrup and they had an ingenious way of making their butter salted (i.e. sprinkle salt on a piece of butter)! Their savoury dishes are not bad too so in general, I think it's a good place to have a nice brunch/ tea (: The food will not disappoint and you will get to look at interesting decorations too (e.g. beer barrels as seats). Will definitely be back again in the near future! (: Okay time for photos!

Have a great week ahead everyone! (:

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