Wednesday, November 19

Absinthe Restaurant

Hello! (: 

We went to Absinthe yesterday to celebrate my best friend's birthday in advance and it was a pleasant and satisfying treat for all of us! Frankly, I seldom frequent the Boat Quay area and don't know where the restaurant is, but thankfully, I've a human GPS who used to visit Boat Quay area a lot so we managed to get there on time! (: 

Absinthe's three-course set lunch goes for $38++ per pax, which is reasonable considering the quality of food and the prevailing market prices for other similar types of set lunches. You can view their lunch menu here: Absinthe lunch menu 

I chose to have the Niçoise Salad with Seared Tuna, Black Olives, Green Beans and Hard Boiled Egg for my starter dish. I realised that I tend to go for this dish whenever the soup of the day doesn't sound appetizing enough for me. I liked this salad because the veggies were fresh and most importantly, the dressing was yummy (: I think some people might find it a tad salty but I liked it!

My main dish: Royan Cheese Ravioli in a Light Broth, Pesto and Citrus. I was surprised to see so many small pieces of ravioli instead of the usual 4-5 giant pieces! Frankly, it tasted like ravioli in buttery soup, which I didn't quite fancy cos I don't like things that are too buttery but the ravioli themselves were yummy (: The sheer quantity filled me right up!

Finally, I chose to have the Crêpe Suzette with Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert and I was slightly disappointed when it came to me like that because the ice-cream had half-melted! =( I guess it's the nature of the dish because the crepe would have been warm after cooking and thus it was inevitable for the ice-cream to melt. The crepe tasted pretty normal and it wasn't spectacular. I think their poached pear and their chocolate mousse were better (: 

Yup that's all for my adventure to Boat Quay! I'll be leaving for another school trip tonight but I'll try to keep posting if possible but if not, then I'll continue posting after I arrive back in Sg at the end of the month.  

Stay safe and enjoy the rest of November! (: 

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