Thursday, November 6

Park at Holland Village

Hello (:

I finally visited the relatively popular Park, which stands out from the other cafes and restaurants at Holland Village due to its location, and I personally find the quality of the food average. I had expected it to be fabulous because the cafe is often packed during the weekends but I guess I might have ordered the wrong dish(es) so I didn't fully enjoy all the food but thankfully the company and the fries made up for it (:

Truffle Fries - fries tossed with white tru e oil and paste, sprinkled with a layer of parmesan cheese - ($11) were good! I would gladly have this again (:

My pancakes with caramelised bananas ($11.80) were a bit of an overkill. I mean, just look at the amount of caramel sauce that was slathered onto the pancakes! =| Their pancakes weren't particularly warm when they were served to me hence it didn't taste like they were just made, but I guess they were passable (: I switched my vanilla ice-cream for salted caramel, which tasted so-so. On the whole, I found that this dish was too much for me and if I weren't as big a dessert monster as I am, I would probably not be able to finish it!

Alright, I shall continue vetting testimonials =P Can't wait for all these vetting to end so that I can finally begin doing Other Things (with other people). Whee!

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