Sunday, October 25

Cafe Iguana

Hello! (:

I'm supposed to be doing work now but I'm suffering from an immense bout of inertia so I've decided to blog about our visit to Cafe Iguana last weekend. Because it was already quite late, I suggested going to Cafe Iguana at Greenwood because it is relatively near our place and that means we don't have to spend too much time travelling to get to our food!

Eager to fill our tummies, we quickly scanned the menu and decided to go for two three-course set lunches! While waiting for our food to arrive, I did the usual snapping of photos of the interior decoration.

A huge green iguana on the wall! It's bigger than the skinny manager.

I felt that the colours in the restaurant were wonderfully mismatched.

In general, the interior decoration of the restaurant created a very Mexican-y feel. They even played songs like La Bamba to immerse set us in the right mood for some good Mexican food!

Tee-shirts (for sale?). The white shirt says "You can't beat a Iguanarita".

Utensils wrapped with thick, red napkins.

A row of chilli/ salsa sauces. We didn't use any of them.

Nacho chips and salsa sauce. I liked the chips because they were crispy and non-oily. The salsa sauce was pretty average in my opinion.

Chicken soup. Since neither of us felt like having the salad, we had a bowl of clear chicken soup with shredded chicken pieces each. I liked the diced vegetable pieces in the soup (:

Jeffrey had the chicken tapas for his main, which he felt was pretty alright. I was quite thankful that he found the food okay because I tend to get a bit worried about him not liking certain 'new' food.

I opted for the grilled vegetables with rice and cheese wrap! It had a fancier name which I can't recall but it doesn't matter. This is my second time eating this dish and I absolutely LOVE it! :) It has such a wholesome and richtaste that you can't help but feel immensely satisfied!

We'd a cup of complimentary tea/ coffee each. I discovered that Jeffrey and I have different preferences for sugar sachets!

Jeffrey's vanilla icecream, which was very milky and yummy.

My avocado icecream, which was creamy and smooth. Cafe Iguana's the only place I know so far that serves avocado icecream and I definitely will go back there just for the avocado icecream because I love avocado!

Okay, guess what's the best part of this meal?

It's completely FREE! (: (: (:

Their electronic ordering system was down during the time we were there hence our orders were not relayed to the kitchen. This resulted in a 35-45 minute waiting time! Somehow, the staff didn't notice this till a substantial period of time has passed. As compensation, the manager decided to waive the ENTIRE bill for all affected customers! =) I was overjoyed! Unorthodox but nevertheless great customer service! (:

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