Sunday, October 4

Easy Sunday Lunch

Hello (:

Since LPP and Gumtoo are away this weekend, we've to settle all our meals on our own! Initially, I wanted to go to some place which allows us to take a short stroll after eating but everywhere seems a tad too far. In the end, Jeffrey & I decided to go to O'Briens at Jelita for lunch since it's not that far away =)
If you're craving for sandwiches or wraps, O'briens is the place to go! It's a nice alternative to Subway though I think Subway sandwiches are more filling. If I'm not wrong, O'briens recently changed/ updated their menu so there's more range and variety now!

I opted for watercress & egg wrap (~$6.90), which actually isn't on the menu but I could still order it since they're pretty flexible. I fell in love with watercress & egg sandwiches when I first had them at Pret in June and I've been ordering it everytime I don't feel like having my usual tuna sandwich fix. The watercress & egg wrap at O'briens did not disappoint and it's definitely something I'd probably eat again and again.

Jeffrey opted for the Triple Decker Sandwich Set ($10.90), which consists of chicken bits, bacon & vegetables. His sandwiches were served warm so they were very yummy (: I especially like the toast-lines on the surface of his bread slices - I feel that they accentuate the aesthetic quality of the entire dish.

As there weren't many dessert options at O'briens, Jeffrey and I decided to pop by Ghim Moh Market for some "Chinese" desserts.

A bowl of soft silky beancurd ($0.60). I was astonished to find out that this relatively big bowl of beancurd costs less than a dollar! (: I think the most interesting thing about this bowl of beancurd is its syrup. Not only was the syrup browner than usual, it had a 'thicker' texture yet it wasn't overly sweet. The 'thicker' texture reminded me of diluted maple syrup. Definitely one of the nicer bowls of beancurd I've had.

A bowl of 4 ahballings in peanut soup ($1.50). Jeffrey has no prior knowledge of this dish so it was impossible trying to make him understand what ahballing is! I think he recognized the ahballings as "tang yuan"s, which is still fairly acceptable, except that they're NOT tangyuans (at least in my opinion)! I chose to have four ahballings with different fillings - redbean, yam, peanut and sesame - and since all of them look identical, I only found out which ahballing I was eating after biting into each wholesome ball of yummyness. =) I think I like the sesame filling most because it complements the peanut soup best but the others were tasty as well.

Anyway, LPP & Gumtoo are supposed to be home any time after dinner! Can't wait to see them though it's only been a few days (: Will update again soon! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening! =)

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