Tuesday, October 6

Barracks Cafe

Hello! (: I'm thankful that it's finally Friday because this means that I won't have to cover long distances to get to and back from school for the next two days! Whee.

Anyway, if you're looking for a place to chill out and have a great meal this weekend, I'd recommend Barracks Cafe @Dempsey! Jeffrey and I have been there a few times and we always leave this place feeling well-fed and happy (:

We decided to visit House again last weekend for a relaxed lunch after doing some kind of community service in the morning.

As it was mid-autumn festival last Saturday, House was nicely decorated with many different kinds of paper lanterns! =) I especially liked how they chose suitable lanterns that did not compromise the feel of their restaurant.

Sweet Potato Nibblets ($7). I distinctly remembered enjoying this a lot during my previous visit so I made it a point to order it as a side dish. Unfortunately, Jeffrey isn't a big sweet potato fan so I ended up eating most of this yummy dish on my own! =S

Eggs Benedict ($15). I think I'm going through a breakfast-set phase which is why I ended up ordering eggs benedict! The main reason why I chose this set was because I wanted to see how eggs benedict looks like. I know it's quite a silly reason but I suddenly recalled the Julia Roberts character whipping up different kinds of eggs in Runaway Bride to decide which kind she likes so I thought I should try to expand my knowledge of how eggs look when they are cooked differently. Anyhow, this dish was pretty well put together although I would have preferred it if it were served when the eggs were warmer. My lukewarm eggs quickly began cold and I felt that it was quite a waste.

Fish & Chips ($27). Jeffrey decided to try their fish & chips that day and it was great that he did because their fish don't taste like 'normal' fish & chips. We can't decide whether it's nicer than usual fish & chips but we can safely say that their batter is unique. Somehow, the pieces of fish weren't as oily as some others that we've tasted so that's quite a winning factor. Their truffle fries are really yummy when served warm so please eat them while they're still warm! =)

Warm Chocolate Toffee Cake ($12). If you're a chocolate fan, you simply HAVE to order this. How can anyone resist soft chocolate sponge cake covered with a thick, luscious layer of chocolate? If there's only one dessert you can try at Barracks, it has got to be this!

I've decided to post some photos of the food that we tried at Barracks on our very first visit late last year so that you can see what is offered during lunch (& dinner).

One meter long sausage ($25). We ordered their famous one meter long sausage which had to be placed diagonally across the table! We were extremely intrigued at the length of the sausage and how it managed not to curl up (till the end) or break into smaller parts. The sausage tasted pretty nice so if you're a carnivorous person, do order this as your starter!

Some kind of angel hair pasta which has mysteriously disappeared from the menu. Either that or I can't seem to locate it. In any case, it was pretty alright, nothing fantastic so you aren't missing out much if this dish isn't offered anymore! (:

Squid Ink Paella ($28). The portion was huge! It's DEFINITELY enough to feed two people. Frankly speaking, I've never eaten any squid ink-ish stuff before this and I must say that I like the taste quite a bit =) Fortunately, our teeth weren't stained after eating the squid ink paella. Maybe I should give squid ink pasta a try the next time I visit an Italian restaurant (:

Old-fashioned American Sliders ($22). Admittedly, we were attracted to this dish because of its name. We were first introduced to the term "sliders" when we watched Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and since then, we told ourselves that we had to try those sliders if possible. In a way, the name of this dish won us over even before we considered what it actually was. Essentially, this dish consists of two yummy mini burgers, truffle fries & sweet potato fries. I don't recall it being fantastically good but it's worth your money (: Burger lovers should try this!

Mushroom Risotto ($24). I especially enjoyed this dish because it was extremely flavourful! It reminded me of the carrot cake served at Marmalade Pantry - it's basically risotto that is chokeful of peas, beans, mushrooms, tomato bits and other ingredients. There's literally a burst of flavour in each bite! A wonderful warm dish to savour (:

Strawberry shortcake ($9.50). As we were pretty full by the time we finished our main courses, we ordered desserts to share instead of having one each. The strawberry shortcake was listed as one of their top 4 dessert choices so we knew we'd to get it! It didn't taste like normal strawberry shortcakes as it wasn't as soft but the vanilla sauce more than made up for it! =)

Our self-created platter of desserts: Chocolate toffee cake, strawberry shortcake & vanilla icecream ($6.50). That was the most expensive scoop of icecream we've ever tried but we didn't regret ordering it because it was the first scoop of vanilla bean icecream that made me realise the importance of having black specks on vanilla icecream. Generally, if you see black specks on your vanilla icecream, it means that you're in luck because your vanilla icecream is going to taste nicer than usual! =) Needless to say, we finished all the vanilla icecream!

Alright, that's all I've to share with you today! (: Have a good and foodlicious weekend!

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