Wednesday, October 14

The Square @Novotel Clarke Quay

Hello (:

Life's getting a lot busier and there's quite a bit of adjustment to get used to so I may not have the time and energy to update this space though I would love to do so. Anyway, I'm thankful that Monday & Tuesday have gone by because they were ultra tiring days =( Now that I've a bit of free time on my hands, I shall blog about our Singaporean buffet lunch at The Square!

Jeffrey and I went to The Square to try their Singaporean buffet last Saturday and it was pretty good! I suspect that my buffet experience there was much better than expected because there weren't many meat dishes and so I'd a wider variety of food items to choose from. Jeffrey thought that the buffet was "okay" so I guess it isn't fantastic but it's above average in terms of quality, service and price.

The restaurant wasn't crowded when we arrived so we could take our time to walk around and choose our dishes. However, the food area was invaded by many hungry post-wedding/ post-engagement celebrators about fifteen minutes after we arrived! Thankfully, their occupation at the food area was temporary and other patrons like us could continue having our rounds of food without squeezing with them.

One interesting thing about their table setting is that they provide metal chopsticks! How korean.

One of the few buffets with free flow of fruit punch (left), homemade ice lemon tea (right) and tea/ coffee from the machine (not pictured).

Their broccoli soup was WONDERFUL. In my opinion, it is probably the best thing to have at The Square. I liked it so much that I drank two full bowls of broccoli soup! Yumyum.

Sushi Platter. Although the sushi range was relatively wide, the quality wasn't up to standard and hence we didn't eat as many sushis as we would like.

Croissant with sausage, mayo & alphapha! One thing I liked about this buffet is that they've a sandwich corner! (: I love sandwiches and I couldn't help but try most of the appetizers/ canapes/ sandwiches on display.

The wonderful assortment of canapes/ appetizers that I tried (there were more!) (from left): Sweet potato salad, prawn & egg on some kind of toast, smoked salmon & olives on spoon & greek salad.
Jeffrey wasn't too impressed with the sandwich/ appetizer bar so he went for crab claws, satay and fried dumplings instead! He said that the crab claws were nice =) They remind me of those that can be found at Old Chang Kee.

Codfish Chawanmushi, Mushroom & Ham Pizza & Soon Kueh. The soonkueh was a disappointment but the other two were not bad.

Some lettuce, sushi and fried rice. We thought that the fried rice tasted a bit too dry but there were lots of condiments so I guess that kind of made up a little for the dryness.

More fried rice, sushi, chicken, satay and pizza. Jeffrey said that the chicken satay was quite good! He didn't try mutton satay because he doesn't like them.

Laksa! =) What's a Singaporean/ Asian buffet without laksa? The laksa gravy was actually pretty good. I was expecting it to be watery and bland but it surpassed my expectations.

Chicken rice! (: I can't believe that Jeffrey didn't see the chicken rice on display! haha He said it tasted "okay only".

Cream-based pasta with mushrooms. As you can probably tell from the photo, this bowl of pasta didn't taste good at all =( We could hardly taste the cream sauce and there was neither fragrance nor taste.
Bread & butter pudding. The vanilla sauce was a massive failure because it was way too runny! The bread & butter pudding was below average as well because the bread was a tad too soggy and it didn't carry the usual bread & butter pudding aroma =S

Thankfully, the durian pengyet was pretty good! I'd two bowls of it! =) As usual, Jeffrey avoided this.

A plateful of desserts. We only picked the more 'exotic' looking ones because we decided to give the usual desserts a miss. The white ball on the top left hand corner of the plate had some kind of gummy as its core; it tasted really weird and we didn't like it. The three types of cake: carrot, tiramisu and white-cum-milk-chocolate were good. The same cannot be said for the overly hard chocolate block (at the top of the photo) because we'd such a hard time trying to eat that dry and hard piece of dessert.

Finally, I couldn't resist ordering a waffle from the waffle counter! You'll get a plain waffle and you can add whatever toppings you wanted! =) Amazing. Initially, I wanted to have a scoop of icecream with the waffle but the choices of icecream didn't look too good so in the end, I added maple syrup and chocolate sauce (the latter was way too runny) instead. The waffle was a tad too hard but other than that, it was okay (:

All in all, the buffet was pretty alright. There were obvious misses such as the bread & butter pudding but I liked the fact that there were other kinds of food (i.e. sandwich/ appetizer bar). The buffet costs $30+/person but you can get certain discounts if you pay using certain credit cards.

Alright that's all for now! (: Will blog again soon. Have a great week ahead!

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