Saturday, October 17

Coffee Lounge @Goodwood Park Hotel

Hello everyone (:

First and foremost, happy deepavali! (: I'm sure everyone's feeling more cheerful this weekend because of the festive celebrations! I happened to go by Little India yesterday and it was nicely done up! Oh, the Istana was opened today as well but we decided to give it a miss since we went there not too long ago. I love festivals and celebrations because everything seems cheerier somehow (:

Yesterday, I met my very helpful friend, Paul, in the morning because he was supposed to teach me how to edit a video! =) In return for his kind favour, I treated him to high tea at Coffee Lounge! Initially, I wanted to go to L'espresso because I enjoyed my previous visit there but Jeffrey (the blur pok) didn't realise that there were two restaurants (Coffee Lounge & L'espresso) serving high tea so he made a reservation for Coffee Lounge instead. I was pretty upset when I realised that he made the wrong reservation because my siblings told me that the food at Coffee Lounge was "okay only" but since L'espresso was fully booked that afternoon, we'd no choice but to go to Coffee Lounge. Thankfully, Coffee Lounge didn't turn out to be a disappointment! (: I was pretty happy with their relatively small spread of Asian/ local dishes and I really love the homely and laidback ambience of that place.
I thought the ceiling looked rather nice (: The restaurant's two predominant colours are brown and beige and they help to create the inviting, homely atmosphere that I was talking about.

The table setting is neat and presentable (: I liked that the table size was just nice.

Cutlery on a black table mat. I wasn't sure how clean this mat was so I didn't rest my utensils on the mat.
Salt & pepper shakers and glasses of iced water. Because Paul is an avid tea drinker, he used quite a few packets of sugar! I was pretty amazed at his ability to take in so many cups of tea!

Fruit salad with some kind of rojaky sweet sauce and cheechongfun with sweet sauce. The cheechongfun was fantastic (:

Fried chicken wings, cheechongfun & gluttinous rice. The gluttinous rice wasn't as fragrant as I hoped it to be but it was still pretty okay.

Crab and prawn dumplings, kueh pie tee and chwee kueh. I liked the kueh pie tee filling, probably because it was made entirely of vegetables (carrots and raddish if I'm not wrong?).

I like making kueh pie tees (though I know that I'm not really good at it because I don't know which toppings to put) so I made an entire plate for us to share.

I scooped a whole bowl of cheechongfun for myself! =) I think my long hiatus from cheechongfun caused my sudden and intense attraction to it.

A plateful of goodness: cheechongfun, fried spring rolls, chicken & prawn dumplings and crabmeat & prawn dumplings.

Fried chicken wings/ drumlets, fried spring rolls and cheechongfun.

Laksa! (: It was so good that I'd two bowls of it! Yumyum.

Roti prata with curry and chicken prawn dumplings. There was curry chicken but no one was really in the mood for spicy stuff so we gave it a miss.

Gluttinous rice, prawn & chicken dumpling, vegetable salad and banana paste! The banana paste is actually a dessert dish but I took a small helping to try the taste. If you're a yam paste lover, you'll most likely like this dish! (:

Folded roti prata, more dimsums and a fried chicken wing.

As you can see, the items (cheechongfun, fried spring rolls, dimsum, gluttinous rice) are always being repeated so you know that there isn't much variety. Thankfully, the quality made up for the lack of variety so we're good (:

We decided to get a cup of coffee after a while. Coffee and tea are included in the high tea buffet so you can have free flow of coffee and/ or tea!

Bread & butter pudding. It was pretty average on the whole. I think the ultra thick vanilla sauce helped to mask the relatively unimpressive bread & butterpudding.
If there's one thing I didn't really like about this high tea buffet, it's the range of desserts available. They didn't even look appetizing! =S

Thankfully, they'd alternative desserts such as mango pomelo! =) It was refreshing and nice. It could've been a bit colder though.

Chocolate ice-cream with chocolate flakes. This was probably the best chocolate icecream that I've tasted in a buffet setting. The texture of the icecream was pretty consistent and it had a very rich, non-airy taste. The chocolate flakes reminded me of Movenpick's chocolate icecream =) I really like it!

Alright that's all for now (: Hope that everyone will enjoy the long weekend! =)



    wow the food looks good! =)) hope you're having a good monday holiday, see ya tmr! =)

    Jie Qi

  2. I hope you enjoyed your long weekend too! (: See you tomorrow! (: