Saturday, October 31

I Miss Monster Mash

On some days, I really feel like sinking my teeth into a fat and ultra-filling burger and when this happens, the image of Monster Mash's Veggie Burger immediately flashes into my mind. Unfortunately, Monster Mash has closed down quite a long while ago, hence I can probably never have their super-duper yummy and extremely tummy-filling burgers anymore =(

Monster Mash used to be at Holland Village but it has since closed down. Thankfully, I managed to dine there a few times before it closed down. It was run by English people if I'm not wrong and they were nice and friendly to all their customers!

That's my veggie burger with coleslaw and thick fries at the side! As you can see, the veggie patty was literally overflowing from in between the two pieces of bread buns! The veggie patty is still THE best that I've tasted so far.. but I hope to find some place which sells kick-ass veggie burger soon.

Jeffrey usually orders their sausage on homemade mashed potato. The little white jug at the right hand side of this photo actually contains one of their specially made sauces which you can pour over your sausage and/ or mashed potato. The mashed potato was heavenly and I miss it very much too.

The last thing that I miss about this place is their homemade apple crumble. There were chunks of apple slices in their apple crumble! Vanilla sauce (in a separate little white jug) accompanies this plate of warm and aromatic apple crumble and boy do they go well together!

So instead of having a huge veggie burger to chomp on for lunch today, Jeffrey and I went to our favourite fastfood outlet - Mos Burger - to try their rice burgers for the very first time in our lives (yes I know we're a bit slow but at least we managed to try something new today!). He's the unagi rice burger set while I'd the seafood rice burger set and both were pretty good. I still maintain my opinion that Mos Burger's corn soup is one of the yummiest soups around! I must have it every time I visit Mos Burger! (:

Alright that's all for now. Will do another blog entry really soon about our foodscapade last weekend! Have a great weekend!

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