Thursday, December 31

Peach Garden @Thomson Plaza

After not having Chinese food for a couple of weeks, Jeffrey and I decided to indulge in some good Chinese dimsum! We've heard pretty good reviews about the dimsum served at Peach Garden so we decided to pay that restaurant a visit.

Although we went during peak hours, we managed to secure a table without having to wait too long. It's times like this that I appreciate going out with Jeffrey alone as opposed to being in the company of my extremely large family because I was hungry and I wanted food!

This outlet definitely has a more informal setting compared to the restaurant at OCBC building. Personally, I prefer the more informal setting for lunch because it makes me feel more relaxed.

Complimentary peanuts. I love this kind of big peanuts! =) I finished the entire dish on my own.

Since we've never had dimsum at Peach Garden before, we weren't familiar with their ordering system. For those who reminisce the old days when dimsum is ordered and served when the dimsum trolley comes to your table, you'll love Peach Garden because that's exactly how it's done! Surprisingly, there were only two trolleys of steamed food and one trolley of fried food being pushed around, which in my opinion is way too little for a restaurant that's packed with hungry patrons like me! Perhaps they should have more trolleys moving about during peak hours because we had to wait pretty long for the trolleys to come by.

Another thing about Peach Garden is that they've a rather mysterious pricing system. The reason why I say that it's mysterious is because I've no idea how much each item costs! If I'm not wrong, the different dimsums are categorized under four categories: small ($3.30), medium ($3.60), large ($3.90) and special ($4.20). I have no idea which dimsum comes under which category because the waitress simply served whatever wee ordered then she put stamps on our table's dimsum sheet without telling us much each dish costs. In any case, Jeffrey and I agreed that Peach Garden's dimsum are a little more expensive than Crystal Jade's but the quality of their dimsums are about the same. I guess your personal preference becomes the deciding factor as to whether you'd dine at Peach Garden or Crystal Jade. Alright, enough rambling.. shall post photos of what we had that day! (:

Har gao (shrimp dumplings). They were pretty average. Personally I prefer the ones served at Crystal Jade because the prawns are more succulent.

Shrimp and chives dumplings. This was much better than expected, perhaps the chives gave the dumplings more taste.

Siew mai (shrimp and meat dumpling).

Chee chong fun with roasted pork filling. It's less salty and less flavourful than Crystal Jade's, so perhaps you'd like to try their famous cheechongfun with scallops instead.

Xiao long bao. It's only average so don't order this if you want to save space for other dishes.

Gluttinous rice and condiments wrapped in leaves. I actually enjoyed this quite a bit because the gluttinous rice to condiments proportion was just right =)

Pan-fried carrot cake. We were utterly shocked when we saw these three measly pieces of carrot cake because we expected them to be much larger! They were a tad disappointing because we thought that they would taste much better than others we've tried but they were just slightly above average.

My favourite dish: custard buns! (: I never expected the custard to ooze out so beautifully. I'm pretty sure that there was saltedegg egg yolk in the custard mixture because the taste was quite strong. I think the saltedegg egg yolk accentuates the sweetness of custard by providing a subtle saltiness to it. Absolutely divine.

Last but not least, we ordered a plate of egg tarts which weren't spectacularly good but they're light enough so people who are nearly full to the brim should be able to find enough space for one final egg tart (:

On the whole, the food wasn't as good as we expected it to be and the service was pretty slow. I guess it'll be better to dine there on a weekday when the staff aren't so busy. I'll return again some time in the near future, but probably on a weekday (:


  1. Haha, the custard bun with saltedegg egg yolk sounds great! (: Anything with salted egg yolk is welcome actually!

  2. Really? Then we should go to Peach Garden before school reopens JUST to try their custard buns! =) I really like them! When are you free?