Saturday, March 20

Boomarang Bistro & Bar

In an attempt to resurrect my sanity, I shall take a break from work to blog about FOOD! (: This week has been a rather foody week because we've a bit more time to go out for good food! It's really a privilege to be able to eat knowing that you don't have to do stuff that needs to be done before sleeping otherwise you'll be in a fix the next day. I also realised that I must learn to get better and faster at whatever I'm supposed to do so that I can have more time for leisure. Perhaps I'll have more time to hunt and explore more inaccessible food places when I get more used to my job.

Anyway, we kicked start our holiday with a trip to Boomarang! (:

Boomarang is tucked at the corner of a row of shophouses that are next to the Singapore River. I was attracted to it because of its Aussie name as well as its spacious floor area! Because it holds such a large seating capacity, it's hardly ever full (or at least I haven't seen it fully packed), which is ideal for me because I dislike waiting for a table.

We chose to sit indoors because Jeffrey can't take the heat outside! Most of their patrons chose to sit outdoors though. Personally, I think I wouldn't mind sitting outside IF it isn't too hot but I would prefer sitting indoors IF the aircon temperature indoors isn't too cold. I know, I know, I'm quite hard to please but I don't want to perspire or freeze while eating!

Their huge menu! I think their menu's pretty comprehensive - a lot of choices for meat lovers! Breakfast/ brunch lovers should visit Boomarang during the weekend so that you can order from their weekend breakfast/ brunch menu! (:

I've noticed that I tend to order eggs benedict when I can't seem to decide what I want to eat. I suspect it's because eggs benedict is more filling than pancakes/ french toast and its a savory dish, which means that it will balance the sweetness that comes from dessert (yes, dessert is a must! How can anyone resist dessert?). Fickleminded me decided to go for Boomarang Benedict ($16) in the end, and I was quite disappointed that it didn't taste as lovely it looked. In particular, the muffin base was hard and difficult to cut =( I was looking forward to having warm and soft muffins with eggs! Thankfully, the potato slices and the eggs were pretty okay.

Jeffrey decided to go for their chicken burger ($22) which comes with complimentary fries and salad. The salad was pretty normal but the fries were GOOD! (: I love straight-cut fries! The BBQ and tartar sauces were excellent dips for the fries. The fries were so good, I couldn't stop stealing them from Jeffrey! Unfortunately, the chicken burger wasn't half as good as the fries =( The grilled chicken patty was tough and hard so Jeffrey had a hard time chewing it. The bread was alright but I guess it's hard to make up for the 'main' dish on the platter when it's unexpectedly bad. Perhaps we'll try their signature burger in future.

Dessert was sticky date pudding with vanilla icecream ($10). The sticky date pudding was harder than most that I've tasted but the sauce and the icecream helped to soften it a little. I loved the fresh strawberry that came with this dessert! (: This was probably the best dish that we had that day.

I really liked the ambience at Boomarang and I think it's a good place to chill out on a weekend but I hope to savour better food the next time I visit! =)

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