Tuesday, March 16

Cafe Swiss

Hello! (:

I'm sorry for not updating this space for so long! Life's been really busy for me but thankfully I'm getting a teensy break this week so I can finally blog! =)

A couple of weeks ago, Jeffrey and I went to Cafe Swiss for their Sunday lunch buffet! It's been some time since we'd a good buffet so we were hoping that Cafe Swiss wouldn't disappoint us!

We were lucky to secure a corner seat, next to the window so we had some privacy to ourselves. Our table is separated from the next seating section by this veil! I thought that it's a pretty neat idea to separate seating areas using translucent veils!

At first glance, the food area didn't seem to be that big but we quickly realised that our first impression was wrong because there was more food than we expected! =) The seating area is so large that it simply dwarfs the food section! I guess it's always good to have more seating capacity so as to accomodate more guests.

The two predominant colours of this restaurant are white and red! Their table mats, glasses and cups are all red in colour!

There was free flow of coffee/ tea/ latte/ fruit juices. We shared a cup of latte and had two small glasses of fruit juice each!

As usual, we started off with some salad and light dishes! Jeffrey chose to have green salad, chinese stir-fried mixed vegetables and two cucumber sushis.

I started my feast with (in clockwise direction) green salad with ranch sauce, gnocci salad, beans salad, sauteed mushrooms and salmon sashimi.

I spotted a long queue at the crepe/ omelette station and decided to join in as well! Turns out that the station was for omelette with ham, mushroom and onions! (: The omelette was pretty average but I guess it tasted slightly above average that day because it was warm and freshly cooked. I also scooped a small bowl of cauliflower soup for us to sample. I felt that the cauliflower soup was a tad too bland and it wasn't thick enough.
If we had to vote the best non-swiss dishes served that day, I'm pretty sure Jeffrey will vote for stewed chicken (left) and fried seafood noodles (right). I must admit that the noodles were unexpectedly good! We'd quite a few servings of it that day!

Apart from the fried seafood noodles & stewed chicken, there were other interesting dishes such as tofu with prawn (right) and more ordinary dishes like sausages and beef. I felt the tofu and prawn dish could have been better because the flavours failed to complement each other to give a wow-effect.

My wonderfully arranged tasting platter (from left, in clockwise direction): salmon and sea bass roll, stewed mix vegetables with mushrooms, stirfried vegetables (yum!), tofu with prawns, smoked salmon pie (yumyum!), fried seafood noodles (yumyum!)

Jeffrey's platter (from left, in clockwise direction): stewed chicken, sliced sausages, smoked salmon tart, fried seafood noodles

There were many other savoury dishes which we didn't try because we wanted to try their desserts! I'm a trueblue dessert junkie so I don't mind sacrificing some savoury food for more desserts! =)

If you're a Movenpick icecream lover like me, you'll fall in love with their icecream section because there is free flow Movenpick icecream! (: (: (: Fortunately for them, they didn't serve Movenpick's swiss chocolate icecream that day otherwise I would have finished the entire tub! I love it that much! Jeffrey and I shared three scoops - tiramisu, mint chocolate and chocolate chip - of icecream! They were all very tasty but I think I liked mint chocolate most (:

I also tried their chocolate mousse cum orange puree shot dessert (top left). I felt that chocolate mousse and orange didn't really go together. Perhaps they should have just filled the entire glass with chocolate mousse! There was also mandarin orange puree with a slice of peach fruit and three pomegrenate bits. People who love citrus-y food will definitely enjoy this dessert! It's unconventional yet good. I also couldn't resist taking a slice of their 'cake of the day', which I suspect is matcha sponge cake with cream. I thought it was merely average because the sponge cake was a little too dry for my liking.

The best cake we had that day was probably their chocolate mousse cake (left)! It's not too sweet and the texture is just right so it was really a pleasure eating it. Their cream puff (background) was surprisingly good as well! I loved the custard that was sandwiched between the two fluffy puff thingies. They also served something like creme brulee except that this particular creme brulee had bits of fruits in it! I thought the sourness from the blueberries/ fruits gave the dish the extra zing.

Yet another slice of chocolate mousse cake and some other creamy sponge cake which I don't remember.

Finally, we ended our meal with chocolate fondue! (: We thought that the chocolate sauce was really well done! It wasn't too thick so we didn't feel like our throats were being tortured after eating all these. I liked the milkiness of the chocolate as well.

This meal made me a cheerful and bubbly person for the rest of the day! (: (: (: I was extremely pleased with the range and quality of food served at Cafe Swiss! =) The downside is probably the cost - $55+/pax - but there are credit card discounts to help buffer the cost of the meal so it's really alright (: I would love to return to Cafe Swiss sometime in the near future for more good food!

Alright that's all for now (: Will update again soon!

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