Friday, March 5

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

Hello hello! (:

It's FINALLY Friday! (: I'm terribly sorry for the lack of updates! I've been very busy with school so I couldn't find time to update this blog. Thankfully, it's FRIDAY so I can take a little breather from work and blog about my favourite HK fast food restaurant - Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe! =) Truthfully, I've never been such a huge fan of Xin Wang. It was only until I started cultivating a a love for their amazing thick french toast (will talk more about that later) that I started visiting their outlets more regularly.

As most of my close friends/ family members know, my favourite drink is Sprite and I usually order it unless there's an unusually tempting drink that beckons me to order it. Although most people wouldn't consider iced milk tea ($2.90) an exceptionally unique drink, I simply can't resist ordering this particular beverage whenever I'm at Xin Wang. I love how their tea is not diluted and its sweetness is just right for me =)

The red bean ice drink ($4.90), on the other hand, was pretty normal. I would have liked it better if the red bean taste was stronger.

Their orange juice ($4.90) is absolutely refreshing! =)

We ordered two vegetable dishes to share. The first vegetable dish was the belachan four season long beans ($7.90), which was extremely flavourful. I realise I'm quite a typical Hokkien when it comes to food because I dislike bland dishes and prefer things with strong tastes. My family members liked this dish as well (:

The second vegetable dish was probably the most interesting dish served that night. It's called HK chilled vegetables ($6.90) and it's essentially dark green vegetables served on a bed of ice! I've never had chilled vegetables before so I didn't know that they would look like this! How amusing. A small dish with tempura sauce and wasabi was served along with this dish. Apparently, we're supposed to dip the cold vegetables into the sauce and eat it! Initially, I was pretty skeptical as to how it would taste but it turned out pretty fine after all! (: If you're feeling adventurous, you should try this dish!

French toast with peanut butter ($4.90) was pretty decent though I doubt I'll be able to finish this entire thing on my own. The peanut butter is quite dry so you should try to drink more after eating this if you don't wish to develop a sore throat.

This is THE dish that I always order and polish off singlehandedly when I dine at Xin Wang - thick french toast ($3.90)! =) I don't know if it's the texture of the bread, the honey or the combination of everything about it that makes me adore this particular dish. It's one of my comfort foods and I highly recommend it!

Charsiew Soup Noodle ($6.90). The cook forgot to leave out the vegetables though my brother (Jeff) explicitly told the waitress that he didn't want vegetables or spring onions. Thankfully the boy wasn't being a brat that day so he ate the rest of his noodles after removing the vegetables. The noodles were pretty average.

Pork Chop & Fries ($8.50). My parents thought that this dish was surprisingly okay. They were expecting worse but I guess the meat was tender enough. The fries were good!

HK wanton mee ($6.90). Their wanton mee was slightly above average but their charsiew slices were a huge disappointment. Everyone at the table agreed that the charsiew slices were way too tough and they were inedible =( However, the sauce and the tanginess of the noodles more than made up for their charsiew.

Fish & chips ($8.50). The fish and chips, like the pork chop, was pretty good as well (: Although they only served one slice of fish fillet, it was rather big so it was still quite filling (though I think you should order other side dishes if you're very hungry).

Mushroom cheese baked rice ($9.90). My sister didn't like the rice because she felt that they were too hard. The best part of this dish is the top layer of melted cheese! Interestingly, there were quite a few chunks of tomato mixed with rice so the rice had a distinct tomato-infused flavour. Not the most interesting dish but nevertheless a safe one to have on a day when you're feeling indecisive.

Last but not least, GT ordered steamed papaya with almond cream ($5.90) because she couldn't wait to go to HK for the real deal! She said that her dessert was good and she liked it a lot! =)

I think Xin Wang HK Cafe is a convenient and fuss-free place where friends and family can go to enjoy a decent meal at affordable prices. Though it can get quite noisy at times (due to the crowd and the music that they blast), the general atmosphere is that of liveliness so it's quite bearable =) Xin Wang is definitely one of my favourite 'Chinese' restaurants!

Alright, I shall end here. Have a great weekend everyone! =)

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