Tuesday, March 30


One of the greatest finds that I made two years ago was this sandwich restaurant called Toast. It's located at a secluded corner next to the office building of Takashimaya and it serves fantastic sandwiches, wraps, salads, cakes and cupcakes! (:

We went there a couple of weeks ago for lunch and we had a sandwich set each. Each set comes with a sandwich/ wrap of your choice + a salad/ side dish + their awesome blended ice lemon tea.

We chose to have a small bowl of chicken caesar salad ($3.50) as well as

a bowl of roasted pumpkin with tofu salad ($3.50) for starters. The caesar salad was very well mixed and the sauce wasn't too thick. Jeffrey liked the salad so much that he actually managed to finish all his leafy greens (although I must admit that greedy me helped him out a bit). Personally, I love the roasted pumpkin with tofu salad and I always order it whenever I visit Toast! I think the slight vinaigrette taste helps to give the entire dish an extra zing! You really should try it for yourself (: Pumpkin lovers will immediately fall for this dish!

Although Toast serves a wide range of sandwiches, I usually go for the egg and cress wrap or egg and cress sandwich. I chose to have the sandwich on the fateful day that Jeffrey brought his camera to Toast so photographed above is Toast's wonderful rendition of egg and cress sandwich ($6). The bread slices taste really healthy and I like how they are so warm and soft. It's a really good dish to have if you want something light.

Jeffrey opted for BLT sandwich ($7.80) and he said that it was very good! (: I think this particular choice of sandwich is quite popular among patrons because I see a lot of other people eating this! I guess you should order this if you're spoilt for choice when you visit Toast since it seems like a 'safe' choice.

If given a choice, I would love to eat at Toast everyday! I have yet to try all their sweet stuff so I'll definitely be making many more trips to Toast in the near future. Visit Toast if you want a hearty and reasonably priced meal! (:

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