Saturday, April 17

Ramen Santouka

When my friend told me that Ramen Santouka at Central serves THE best charsiew ramen in Singapore, I thought that she was overexaggerating but it turns out that their charsiew ramen is really, in my friend's words, 'DA BOMB'.

Ever since my virgin trip to Ramen Santouka a couple of years ago, I've only returned there a few more times but each visit just reinforces my opinion that this restaurant IS the place to go for good quality ramen.

If you are really hungry, you may wish to order their gyozas ($5.50). Although this dish certainly pales in comparison to their charsiew ramen, it definitely qualifies as a decent starter (:

Toro Niku Shio Ramen ($19.50). This premium charsiew ramen dish is one that you MUST try if you're seeking THE best charsiew ramen in town. It's different from the other charsiew ramen where the slices of charsiew are thrown into the same bowl with the noodles.

Jeffrey opted for the Toro Niku Shoyu Ramen ($19.50). Everything is the same as the above except for his soup base. Personally, I prefer shio soup base but Jeffrey seems to like shoyu. Jeffrey swore that Santouka serves the most refined charsiew slices that he has ever tasted! =)

If you are a corn lover like me, you can request for a little petri-dish of corn ($2) to go with your charsiew shio ramen ($17). Frankly speaking, I think having this bowl of charsiew shio ramen is pure indulgence because your tastebuds just get overwhelmed by the richness and exquisite taste of the soup base and everything else that comes with it. You really should try it.

Perhaps my only gripe is that Santouka does not serve dessert )= However, this little dessert problem can be easily fixed since there're quite a few ice cream stalls located around that area. Till I find another restaurant that can rival Santouka's charsiew ramen, Santouka will remain the place that serves 'DA BOMB'.

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