Friday, April 2


I have always had a good impression of Bakerzin because of their strawberry shortcake. My good friend loves their strawberry shortcake and ordered an entire cake for her birthday and that's how I got to try it (: A couple of weeks ago, I'd the pleasure of dropping by Bakerzin at Vivo City to meet up with friends and try their savoury food as well.

Peach soda. I've no idea how much this costs because it's part of a set. Bakerzin has some all day set meals that are extremely value for money so you may want to opt for them when you visit Bakerzin. I chose to have peach soda + soup of the day + pan fried dory fillet with spaghetti! All these only cost $16.80, which is very reasonable if you were to consider the quality and quantity of food served.

Soup of the day (tomato soup). Surprisingly, their tomato soup wasn't as watery as I thought it would be. It definitely can't rival Soup Spoon's tangy tomato but it's good enough for a starter.

Potato wedges ($5.80). These were very well seasoned and they were not overfried. The insides of the wedges were warm and soft and they tasted very good!

Chicken wings ($6.50). My friend was actually contemplating ordering the chicken wings or the 6 sticks of chicken satay (also $6.50). Frankly, I think $6.50 for 6 sticks of chicken satay is way too expensive and I'm glad that my friend chose to have chicken wings instead. She commented that they were pretty good so I guess it's a safe choice if you would like a meaty starter/ main dish.

Meatball Spaghetti ($11.80). This was pretty alright though I think that the meatballs were a little too huge and chunky! It would have been better if they gave smaller meatballs so that it would be easier to eat them.

Bradwurst Linguine ($12.80). This was also pretty average. I guess this would be a good alternative for meat lovers who dislike tomato-base stuff. The linguine won't fill you up too much becuase it has a very light taste but you won't be left hungry if you finish the entire portion of linguine given.

This pan fried dory fillet with spaghetti came with my set and I must exclaim how surprised I was after taking a mouthful of their panfried dory fillet. As a person who prefers flavourful to bland food, I was extremely thrilled that my dory fillet was bursting with a salty cum eggy taste. It felt like a mix between fried carrot cake and dory fillet - which was great (or at least to me). I liked it so much that I ate the entire dish on my own, including the massive amount of spaghetti that came along with it!

Because I told my friends about Bakerzin's amazing strawberry shortcake, one of my friends decided to try it. Each slice costs $6.50 but it's worth every cent! My friend thought that it was only just slightly above average though.

Another friend chose to have the chocolate souffle ($9.20) and it came with a glob of vanilla icecream. The chocolate souffle was warm and soft and it was a comforting dish to have, especially since it was raining very heavily outside when we were eating.

Last but not least, Jeffrey and I chose to share their warm chocolate cake with vanilla icecream ($9,80), which took 20minutes to prepare! My advice to you is to order this just before you finish your main course so that you needn't wait too long for the arrival of your dessert. Warm chocolate lava oozed out of the cake when we cut it open and eating the lava with the cake made me a really jolly person (: I really love warm chocolate cakes with ice cream (:

All in all, my experience at Bakerzin was a memorable one. I hope to return there again to try more of their desserts! (:

Happy Good Friday everyone!

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