Monday, April 19

Haagen Dazs

Everyday is a good day for some chocolate fondue ($43.90) and good quality icecream from Haagen Dazs. Somehow, the people at Haagen Dazs have decided that serving hot chocolate sauce is toxic to the body so they now only serve room temparature chocolate sauce, which in my opinion isn't as nice as warm chocolate sauce. How strange. Nevertheless, this is definitely a good pick me up for a mundane Monday (:


  1. that looks good but is it 43 us dollars? if so, thats really expensive!

  2. Mr Pineapple Man,

    Your profile name brought a smile to my face! (: Yes it's quite expensive isn't it? But I guess their little icecream balls help to justify the hefty price? May you can try it when you're feeling excessively indulgent! (:

  3. Oh sorry Mr Pineapple Man! It's SGD 43, which is about USD 31!