Friday, April 30

Cafe Beviamo

I can't wait for evening to come because I can finally revisit Cafe Beviamo with nice people! (:

Cafe Beviamo is my new favourite place because it is, to me, the western version of Xin Wang HK Cafe! (: The dishes served at Cafe Beviamo are satisfyingly delicious and they are extremely affordable! (: I would likely recommend this place to anyone and everyone who likes breakfasty food, desserts or just a simple warm cup of latte or hot chocolate. Trust me, you will not regret paying Beviamo a visit!

So far, I've been to the Cafe Beviamo outlets at Tanglin Mall as well Paragon. The Tanglin Mall outlet tends to get very crowded, especially on weekends, due to the expat crowd. In comparison, the outlet at Paragon seems less packed but business is still good (: The ambience at Tanglin Mall's outlet is definitely nicer but if you like sitting in an open area for a meal, then Paragon's outlet will do you fine as well. Personally, I don't have a preference for either outlet but I just hope that I won't have to wait too long for my food to arrive!

Somehow I felt compelled to order a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice ($6) when I visited Cafe Beviamo for lunch because I didn't think that Sprite would go very well with the type of food that I've ordered.

We also tried their organic hot choclate ($4) which was an absolute delight. It was neither too milky nor too thin so the texture was perfect (: It tasted quite light and you'll definitely not feel sick of it! It's the perfect drink to order on a cold day or if you feel like having something warm.

For starters, we ordered a bowl of muesli with yoghurt ($6.50) which turned out to be quite filling. I've never tried this dish prior to my visit to Beviamo so I was pleasantly surprised that this combination tasted so good (: To me, it is a healthy snack which anyone should try at least once in his/ her life just so you know how wholesomeness tastes like (:

We also ordered scrambled eggs with bread and cheese ($7.50) to share. We especially loved the softness of the bread despite its rather hard looking exterior. The eggs and cheese were wonderful complements to the thick slices of bread =) All that was missing was a little jam and this dish would have been complete.

We were pretty surprised that their smoked salmon salad ($14) came in such a huge plate! It can stand as a main course on its own, especially with the two pieces of toasted baugette at the side. The most unique feature of this salad is undoubtedly the mashed up and liquid-y eggs! It helped to flavour the leaves and gave the entire dish some flavoured moisture.

If you aren't the breakfasty type, you can always go for Beviamo's pastas/ pizzas! (: Their spaghetti bolognaise($12) was pretty up to standard but the portion size was quite small! Don't order this if you are feeling ravenous because it will probably not fill you up.

Now comes the best part of every meal: DESSERTS! (: Beviamo's chocolate brownie ($3.50) isn't one of those ultra sinful chocolate thingys that you may have tasted before. The brownie that we had was warm and it contained a small amount of melted chocolate lava behind its chcolate sponge walls. It's a plain, simple and it will satisfy those who do not wish to be overwhelmed by anything too potent.

This slice of cake - The Hummingbird ($3.50) - is Beviamo's signature dessert. It tastes like a mixture of the conventional carrot cake except that it has slices of zesty pineapples in it as well as nuts sprinkled over the top of the cake. As I am a fan of carrot cake, I thoroughly enjoyed the hummingbird and I would love to have it again in future. It is a healthy tasting dessert so it should suit those who dislike chocolatey or sinful desserts.

Last but not least, I must introduce Beviamo's sticky date pudding ($7.50). When this pudding arrived, I was glad that I followed the waiter's suggestion to hold my order for another dessert because he said that the sticky date pudding may be too much for us to handle. Not only was the portion big, the entire sticky date pudding (including its sauce) was bursting with flavours! Sandwiching the high quality vanilla icecream between two slices of sponge sticky date pudding proved to be quite a good idea because the vanilla icecream melted into the sponge cake and caused the slices of cake to have an added sweetness and softness. I would recommend this to people who have high tolerance for sweet stuff but not to those who cannot take ultra rich tasting desserts.

On the whole, I really enjoyed my visits to Cafe Beviamo and I certainly will return in future for more good and affordable food! (: Can't wait for tonight, TGIF! Have a great long weekend everyone (:

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