Sunday, April 4


When I first heard that Chatterbox serves a plate of chicken rice for $22, I thought it had to be a joke because who in the right mind would pay $22 to eat something as ordinary as chicken rice? $22 would get me 11 Macchicken burgers from Macdonalds and possibly 5-7 packets of chicken rice from any hawker centre or food court!

I battled the idea of having to part with $22 for a plate of chicken rice for a very very long time and finally I decided to give Chatterbox's chicken rice a run for my money. I went to Chatterbox thinking that I'll probably have a very serene lunch experience (because no one would want to pay $22 for chicken rice!) but I was utterly wrong. Chatterbox was FILLED with patrons who were there just for their famous chicken rice. I was truly flabbergasted.

One thing that I really appreciate about dining in small groups (or in our case, in a pair) is that we tend to get a table pretty quickly! (: We were given their colourful and well put-together menu the moment we sat down and that's when my eyes started to pop ever so frequently at the exorbidant prices of their seemingly ordinary local dishes.

One thing I absolutely adore about Chatterbox is their elegant table setting and cutlery.

The outer layer of their water glasses is actually rough because it is coated with a layer of 'water droplets'.

Here's a photo of the famous $22 chicken rice from Chatterbox! Jeffrey actually liked the sauce that came with the boneless chicken, which is rare because he seldom likes sauces. He said that the chicken rice could have been more fragrant though. One thing that you must not fail to try when you eat their chicken rice is the chilli sauce! It is, to date, the best chicken rice chilli sauce I've tasted (:

We decided to order a plate of Fried Hokkien Mee ($21) to try as well since we prefer having a variety of food. Compared to the chicken rice, the portion of noodles served was much larger and it made the glutton in me slightly joyful to see so much noodles! (: We felt that the hokkien mee had a very rich and unique taste that we have never encountered before. Also, there were huge, deshelled prawns and a few scallops as well so I guess the giganormous price tag on this dish is somewhat justified.

On the whole, we felt that the chicken rice wasn't mindblowingly spectacular and its quality didn't do justice to its staggeringly high price. Nevertheless, it was a rare and good pampering session for both of us and it made us realise that there are (quite a lot of) people who don't mind paying a huge sum for a pretty ordinary dish.

Have a great week ahead! (:

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