Friday, April 9


I never fail to take a quick peak at the rows of beautifully decorated cakes whenever I walk past Canele because they're just so pretty! I can't help but feel tempted to have a slice (or two) of their cakes but somehow the timing is usually wrong =(

Thankfully, LPP's birthday came along and that gave me impetus to hunt for a good chocolate cake because he requested for one (: Jeffrey and I were walking along Robertson Quay area and we spotted a Canele outlet at the corner of Robertson Walk! (: It's located at such a secluded corner and I doubt any normal passerby will notice it from the 'main' street!

It didn't take us much to decide to have lunch there so before we knew it, we seated inside the half-empty restaurant and we busied ourselves with choosing some savoury food!

As I had a late breakfast, I chose to order a bowl of mushroom soup, which comes with a complimentary basket of bread slices, since I wasn't feeling particularly hungry. Moreover, I wanted to save some stomach space for my glorious desserts! ;)

Complimentary bread basket. The bread slices were soft but they weren't warm. They would probably have tasted slightly better if they were warm.

Mushroom soup ($8.50). I didn't think the mushroom soup was good. In fact, I think it's overpriced for its quality! ): I am guessing that no mushroom soup can ever be as thick and as filling as Soupspoon's but I didn't expect Canele's mushroom soup to be so watery either. In my opinion, this definitely needs some extra thickening and flavouring! People who want something light may enjoy this though.

Carbonara ($14.50). Their carbonara was surprisingly good and we were pretty pleased with it! The little poached egg at the top of the stack of spaghetti reminded us of the carbonara that we had in Paris! This is definitely a good dish to order, especially if you're into creamy stuff and if you're feeling very hungry that day.

For dessert, we had their special cake - Le Royale ($7) - and it actually superceded our expectations! I loved the crunchy base of the cake! I think it gives a good contrast to the other 'moussey' layers. The cake isn't too sweet and the chocolate isn't too rich either so it's probably a dessert that will suit most people (unless you're allergic to chocolate).

We also tried the Triple Chocolate Cheese Cake ($8), which was also delightful (: I love chocolates and chocolatey stuff so I'd no objections to this cake. The only little thing that bugged me is its brownie base because there are little nuts embedded in the brownie base and I dislike nuts! Other than that, it's a 'must-order combo' for those who can't decide between having a chocolate cake, a cheesecake or a brownie because this slice of cake packs all three things into one! =)

Last but not least, we had Gateaux Chocolat ($6.50), which is a piece of dense chocolate cake that blew me away! (: I loved the richness of the chocolate and how it manages to satisfy my craving for something rich, chocolatey and happyfying! I fell in love with this cake and decided to order it for LPP's birthday. My family members also liked this cake a lot and I'm happy that I didn't make the wrong choice (:

On the whole, Canele is definitely a place that I would like to revist again from time to time because I certainly want to try other types of cakes and/ or desserts! Eating cakes from Canele makes me happy and I hope that you'll feel happy after eating them too! (: Alright that's all for now, have a great weekend everyone!

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