Saturday, March 5

Cafe Hacienda

Hello everyone! (:

The weekend is FINALLY here! =D It feels good knowing that I'm able to sleep in tomorrow and not wake up before the sun rises!

This weekend's filled with social activity because I won't be around during the week of March holidays so that means that I won't be able to meet my dearest friends and thus I've to make time for them this weekend while I'm still around!

If you're thinking of a nice brunch-y place to go to for a chillout weekend meal, let me recommend Cafe Hacienda at Dempsey area! I think I've blogged about this place before but it's so good that it's worth blogging about again!

A couple of weeks ago, my good pals and I decided to revisit Cafe Hacienda for a late lunch and we had a lovely time there! Having a meal at Cafe Hacienda is like having a spa treatment for your palate and tummy - you'll not only feel good after the meal, you'll want to return again for yet another treatment!

Since all of us are fries-lovers, it wasn't difficult to pick our main starter for the day: straight cut fries with truffle seasoning ($10). It was honestly one of the best bowls of fat fries that I've ever eaten! You MUST give this a try!

As usual, I ordered Eggs Royale ($13.50) and it did not disappoint - the hollandaise sauce was extremely creamy and the rocket salad was perfectly mixed with whatever salad sauce that they used. I'm not a fan of rocket leaves but this rocket salad was pretty good =)

One of my gfs ordered Eggs Benedict ($13.50) and she said that it was good too! The only dissatisfcation that she had with this dish was the fact that they piled a lot of rocket leaves in the middle of her plate and she absolutely detests rocket leaves! Thankfully my other gf ate all her rocket leaves for her so she was pretty okay after that (:

One of the more popular brunch dishes that I know of is the Eggs Any Style ($13.50) and my other gf chose to have this! =) Unlike the big breakfast, it's not as hearty because it's smaller in quantity but I guess it'll be sufficient if you're not ravenous. However, if you've a big appetite like me, this may not be enough for you.

Jeffrey decided to break the brunch-order pattern by placing an order for Fish & Chips ($16), which he mentioned was unlike others that he had tried because it was crispy yet not oily. I guess it's perfect for people who want/ like to eat fried food without tasting too much grease in your mouth.

For desserts, we chose to have the yuzu cheese cake ($6.80), which was extremely light with a hint of orange zing, and the chocolate tart ($7), which I think will please any chocolate lover out there. These two desserts prove to be great complements because they had rather contrasting textures and tastes.

If you only have space for one dessert at Cafe Hacienda, I would highly recommend their sticky date pudding ($10). Although it's not as big as the one served at PS Cafe, this stick date pudding can easily triumph as one of the best stick date puddings that I've ever had. The overabundant toffee sauce that creates a moat around the warm and soft sticky date pudding and scoop of vanilla icecream is thick and luscious. You really need to eat the three together and I promise you, you'll feel like Remy from the movie Ratatouille while he was chewing cheese with strawberries in his mouth! It's really that good!

Alright it's late and I've to sleep. I hope to update this space again before I leave next week. In the mean time, have a great weekend!


  1. i love your descriptions!!
    -jq :)

  2. haha! thank you (: i hope you enjoyed the king's speech! tell me more tomorrow okay? oh yes thank you again for this lovely treat! =D see you tomorrow for your own! can't wait!