Tuesday, March 1

Villa Enrique


It's really late and I ought to be sleeping but I know that I won't have time to update this space tomorrow so I shall do it now! =)

Last week, we went to Dempsey on two consecutive days to meet our friends for lunch! On our first day there, we decided to try something a little more unique so we headed to Villa Enrique for lunch! Villa Enrique, as you can probably guess from its name, is a Spanish restaurant that is located at a a secluded spot in Dempsey! Thankfully, there's a huge signboard located near the restaurant which can be seen from the carpark area so you shouldn't have any problems looking for it once you've spot this sign.

One relatively good (for us) thing about Villa Enrique is that it is not overpopulated and we actually managed to have a great time having a slow and relaxed meal with my friend (: The seating area looks very comfortable and cosy and I can imagine it being a popular hangout place at night!

Shortly after we arrived and placed our orders, we were served a huge basket full of small, warm bread rolls with thick creamy butter! =D I love the smell of these freshly baked bread buns and they tasted like the perfect meal started that day!

We decided to order a plate of baina ($16), which is actually chicken on slices of thin baughette! According to Jeffrey and my friend, this was quite a good cold starter dish to have as it wasn't too filling and it whets your appetite!

Our waiter told us that the Champ Ajillo ($18), which is essentially a warm mushroom dish, was their best seller so obviously we had to try it! Frankly, it was one of the better mushroom dishes that I've had because the mushrooms were juicy and extremely flavourful! Love what they did to 'marinate' the mushrooms!

Another popular dish we had was called Gambas Ajillo ($22), aka garlic prawns, and it was GOOD! Though the prawns were slightly smaller than expected, they were fresh and springy! The sauce wasn't too spicy and it sat well for all of us.

Perhaps the most interesting dish we had that day was the Pimiento Bacalao ($22), fish wrapped with something in tomato sauce! Initially when I first saw this dish, I thought I'd made the wrong decision to order it because it looked like curry and I was definitely not in the mood for curry! However, my initial reaction towards this dish was quickly transformed after I took a bite of this inexplicably interesting dish! I'm guessing that people who like tomato-based dishes and/ or like their dishes to taste a little coconut-milk-y will like this dish! For myself, I was pretty pleased that I managed to give my tastebuds a new experience! It's definitely worth trying!

This is probably the 'safest' dish we ordered that day - patata bravas ($18), which is cooked potatoes! I especially loved the potatoes at the top because they've flavoured powder sprinkled on them! The sauce that came with this (bottom right of the photo) also went very well with the potatoes and I would recommend that you dip your potatoes into the sauce before savouring them!

For dessert, we ordered the crema catalana ($12), aka creme brulee, as well as

churros madrile ($12), which is churros with chocolate sauce (unfortunately the chocolate sauce is not shown in this photo) to share. Both our desserts were delectable and we finished them off much faster than I'd expected!

As much as I'd wanted to try some of their main courses, I don't regret having a meal that's made up of purely entrees or tapas because that's what Villa Enrique is famous for! I'll probably make a trip back in future when I'm in the mood for some Spanish food!

Alright it's time to sleep. Have a good week ahead everyone! =D

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