Wednesday, March 23

Jones the Grocer and PS Cafe

I think it's inevitable that one eats a lot to stay awake, especially when one has been surviving on three hours of sleep for the past three days! =( My plans to catch up on sleep tonight got thwarted due to an unfortunate incident so it's likely that my sleep debt will inflate in proportion.

A few weeks ago, we decided to go to Dempsey area for lunch at the Disgruntled Chef but we were there after lunch hours so we had to give that a miss. We walked to my favourite back-up Western restaurant in that area, PS Cafe, and to our horror, the waiting time was way too long for our already starved tummies to endure so we walked a stone's throw distance to Jones the Grocer, where we had sufficiently decent but not fabulous food. Somehow my impression of Jones the Grocer has altered for the worse, partly because of their limited menu as well as their mediocre food. Perhaps the best thing I'd at Jones the Grocer that day was the banana and berry smoothie ($6.50). It was thick, fruity and tasted deliciously good! (: Would go back just for this!

Knowing that our food will take eons to arrive given the neverending stream of patrons at Jones, we decided to order a bowl of greens to share. The portion was just nice for one person but it suited us well since we ordered this solely to fulfill our veggie quota for the day!

I'd my default (boring) brunch choice that day and the pretty pathetic looking eggs benedict ($19.50) pretty much closed up all chances of redeeming Jones' reputation in my mind. Not only was the portion small, the poached eggs and hollandaise sauce were a huge disappointment because they tasted like the eggs benedict that I'd on a SQ flight back not too long ago! =S

Jeffrey's Jones English Breakfast ($20) looked a little better compared to my dish but I can't help but think that this isn't hearty or satisfying at all! In fact, Jeffrey commented that the bread slices were too tough and hard to eat! He had trouble chewing and swallowing them =(
On hindsight, I think we should have gone off to Cafe Beviamo or somewhere else for proper breakfast/ brunch food!
And because Jones does not have a wide selection of desserts, we decided to go back to PS Cafe to brave the queue and wait for a table just so we could comfort ourselves with their desserts!

We orderd a PS mojito ($16) out of curiosity, hoping that it would taste like the unforgettably fantastic mojito that we had at Touich in December but alas, it was not to be. The PS mojito carries a much stronger alcoholic taste and since both of us aren't alcohol-lovers, we didn't really like this drink.

The PS Banana Butter Scotch Cake with Vanilla Bean Ice-cream ($12.90) was the redeeming dish of the day! The cake smelled nice and its texture was just right for the both of us (: After trying this new dessert that day, I was convinced that it's quite impossible for PS Cafe to serve bad desserts.

Alright my partner in crime has just popped online and I've to scoot off to get some work done before turning in for the night! Shall end this post here! Happy midweek everyone! (:

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  1. Whats with you using I'd instead of I had. You know its wrong right?