Sunday, March 20


Hello everyone! (:

I'm back! I'd a good time in the UK with Mrs Tan and her 22 kids despite the cold and the relatively packed schedule! The bad thing about being away during the short and precious March hols is that I've a HUGE backlog of work right now! Brr. Will work like a slave this coming week so that I can clear my deadlines!

Anyhow, since I just came back from the UK, I thought I'd post some pictures of the lovely English hightea at the much beloved L'espresso which I had with possibly the two most wonderful people in my life before leaving for the UK.

I drank so much hot/ warm drinks in the UK to fight the cold! Am surprised that I could stay off chewing icecubes for a week!

Ice-lemon tea is always a favourite cooler in our hot and humid weather.

I think I've eaten more sandwiches and salads the past week than I've ever had in months! The sandwiches at L'espresso aren't as hearty as the ones in UK but they're great as small bites!

More sandwiches and little savoury tea-bites

Sandwiches and two lonely pieces of smoked salmon! Somehow I can't resist having smoked salmon at buffets!

Oh the warm panini bread with tomato, cheese and salmon (on the extreme left) was surprisingly nice! Had lots of that. The rest were generally okay.

Ate the croissant with crabmeat filling (on the extreme right) and it was yummylicious! It's quite filling though so those with small appetites may want to share.

Some of my favourite L'espresso dishes on the same plate

Although the scone was pretty good, I must say that the scones I'd in UK were much better! Somehow the texture of scones in the UK tastes much nicer - perhaps it's due to the difference in humidity.

Chocolate cake which is nothing short of great! Not too sweet, not too soft.

I liked everything on this plate, especially the fruit tart! I know of friends who love the creme brulee and it's to be fair, L'espresso's creme brulee is one of the nicer ones that I've tasted.

How can I ever go to a buffet without indulging in bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce? I love it! =P Am still on a quest to find the nicest bread and butter pudding!

More desserts and shooters.

Lone scoop of chocolate icecream, which was thick and rich.

This was possibly the last plate of food I'd that day - as you can tell, I'm obsessed with the warm panini bread! I've also come to realise that I like matcha flavoured cakes (:

Alright I think that's all I've to share for today! Pardon the relatively short entry, I've to do some prep for school tomorrow! Hope that everyone had a good and restful weekend! Have a good week ahead! =)

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