Thursday, May 5

Cafe Swiss

Hello everyone (:

I've decided to take a little break from work tonight to blog about my trip to Cafe Swiss a few weeks ago because I don't wish to neglect this space! Also, my afternoon trip to Food from the Heart with my kids somewhat reminded me of how fortunate I am to be able to indulge in good food every weekend and I am very thankful for that. Food is really one of my greatest passions in life and I feel happy whenever I get the chance to think about/ talk/ look at/ eat food.

Anyway, we went to Cafe Swiss for their weekend (Asian) lunch buffet which costs $40++/pax. My previous trip to Cafe Swiss was pretty memorable because of freeflow movenpick icecream! =P I also remember the food being above average so I didn't mind going back again.

Unfortunately, I felt that our lunch this time round wasn't as great as the previous and I don't think my judgement is partial because I am certain that the spread isn't as wide and the quality of food didn't measure up to what we had the previous time round.

As usual, Jeffrey had his plate of raw vegetables and some cold side dishes for starters.

I decided to be a tad more adventurous and went for a spread of appetizers (from left in clockwise direction): salmon with roe, cheese with vegetable bits, prawn, olive and pasta salad, sweet potato salad and corn! (: Loved everything on this plate! Had a few rounds of these dishes!

Savoury selections (from left in clockwise direction): fish fillet with sauce, fried udon (yummy!), something which I have completely forgotten (whoops) and prawns in cream sauce (not bad!).

More savoury stuff (from left in clockwise direction): stewed potatoes, asparagus with mushrooms, cauliflower in cream sauce, more prawns and vegetables in cream sauce.

This plate obviously belongs to Jeffrey because there's a piece of meat (I think it's chicken) smacked right in the middle of this photo! There's also saffron rice (yumyum!) and some other kinds of meat on his plate which he claimed were all pretty good so you may wish to go for the meat!

And because I couldn't resist having more udon, I helped myself to a heap of it, along with a chunk of fish fillet (:

What would have been my favourite dessert: chocolate bread & butter pudding (which wasn't really good at all! bleah)

After my less than delightful experience with the bread and butter pudding, I decided to treat myself to a whole range of other desserts to cheer myself up (from left, in clockwise direction): some cake that tastes slightly like banana cake, pound cake with a blackberry on top, chocolate tart with raspberry (yum), chocolate mousse cake (not bad).

Perhaps the most interesting 'dish' I had that day was strawberry chocolate fondue! =) I was intrigued when I saw the PINK mountain of chocolate and instinctively I KNEW I had to try it. Turns out that it didn't taste too bad! (: Should have had more of strawberry chocolate fondue instead of bread and butter pudding!

On the whole, I felt that lunch was pretty decent but I wouldn't recommend it as a 'must try' restaurant. If you want a slow, relaxed lunch with a relatively quiet environment, then Cafe Swiss may be one place you would like to keep in mind. Other than that, I think for $40++/ pax, there are other restaurants that you can go to! (:

Alright that's all for now (: Have a great weekend ahead! (:


    have you tried melt the world cafe!!!

  2. Hello Nicole! (:

    Yes I've been to MELT and I think it's possibly THE BEST buffet that I've been to! =D