Thursday, May 12


Hello everyone! (:

Last weekend, I ate at TWG (Marina Bay Sands Outlet) for the first time with two of my sisters and Mum because we were there to watch Lion King (which was superb by the way!). Frankly, I didn't know that there was a TWG outlet at MBS because I was under the impression that the only TWG outlet in Singapore was the one at Ion. Anyhow, we managed to get a table for four before the musical, which was great because we were afraid that we would not be able to get a table since it was Mother's Day weekend and TWG doesn't accept reservations. TWG lovers would be glad to know that a larger TWG outlet will be opening soon at MBS so look out for it if you're interested!

A cute sugar container. This particular TWG outlet is quite small and it's located on a raised platform near the Gondola area.

One of our teapots! This pot contained TWG's signature 1837 Black 3005 Tea ($11) which suited my sister's and my taste. Really love the strong taste of tea leaves! It's perfect for people who don't like very 'floral' tasting tea.

A spoonful of sugar in a shallow cup of tea =)

As one of my sisters wasn't feeling very hungry, she decided to go for something lighter: Scottish salmon with sourcream and toast ($28). I think she liked it quite a bit so if you are craving a small sandwich or something to just nibble on, this may be one dish that you would want to order.

Mum decided to go for the Roasted Apricot Cod ($26), which was tender but not filling! The portion is way too small for someone who has an average appetite but I guess it's pretty okay otherwise.

My other sister ordered the veal medallion ($28), which was also petite in portion size but pretty decent otherwise. The sauce was above average and the meat wasn't too hard.

I chose to have the Chai Sea Bass ($30) because I love the taste of Chai but unfortunately, the chai taste wasn't noticeable! =( I liked the sidedish of mashed pumpkin though! This was pretty average on the whole.

Because we were slightly pressed for time due to the slow service (that is expected of tea places), we only had the chance to share one dessert: Chocolate Fondant with one scoop of tea-flavoured icecream ($12). The chocolate fondant tasted more like thick chocolate cake-tart and it really didn't impress my sisters much. As for me, I felt that it was an average piece of chocolate cake-tart and it's nothing to scream about. Maybe I'll try other desserts in future.

I think one should definitely consider TWG if one would love to have a long chat with friends over GOOD quality tea and some nice desserts (: Their main dishes aren't spectacularly good but they make for a relatively decent meal.

Alright that's all for now (: Will update again soon! Take care everyone!


  1. Hey miss jan!!!! Thanks so so much for the book! I will treasure it haha:) I will work harder:P hehe.

  2. Hello Wan Yee! (:

    You're welcome! Hope you'll enjoy reading that book! Have a good weekend!