Friday, May 20

Bar & Billard Room


Though there's still quite a lot of school-related things to settle tomorrow (in fact, I'm dedicating my entire day to three school activities tomorrow), I'm feeling pretty happy that the weekend has finally arrived! I doubt I'll be able to have my usual 'good-food-lunch' Saturday tomorrow since I'll be busy with school so we'll probably have to postpone it to Sunday!

If you're looking for a nice place to go for a scrumptious buffet lunch, you may wish to visit Bar & Billard Room located inside Raffles Hotel! Jeffrey and I went there last week and it blew our minds away!

Honestly I wasn't expecting too much because I didn't think that the spread would be wide or the food too tasty; I thought people went there for the ambience and relaxed atmosphere more than anything else but I was proven wrong!

Not only does Bar and Billard Room enchant its patrons with its tall ceilings distinctive colonial-style interior, it also serves a surprisingly extensive spread of tantalizing dishes!

I've been drinking a lot of tea since a couple of weeks ago when I lost my voice and developed a bad bout of cough because the warm tea helps to sooth my chest a little so I instinctively ordered a pot of tea when I sat down at our table! Bar and Billard serves TWG tea and I can't emphasize how good it tastes! Everyone should try TWG tea once in their lives! (:

I don't think I need to tell you whose plate this belongs to. I can't believe he took NUTS for his appetizers instead of having other things!

From top left in clockwise direction: Salad leaves, bread with butter, HUMMUS (omgosh I ate SO MUCH of this!), two types of smoked salmon and seafood salad (yum!). I must stress that there was a 'mediterranean' corner where they serve different types of dips as well as other mediterranean-ish starters! I felt like I was in heaven because I could eat all the dips that were present! =) What was lacking was some warm pita bread and I would REALLY be in heaven!

From top left in clockwise direction: black cod fish in cream sauce (yumyum!) and two types of warm cheesy dishes (I think there were a total of 5 or 6 warm cheesy dishes available!) - potato dumplings with cheese and eggplant with cheese. Everything on this plate except the eggplant dish, which was too dry for my liking, was good!
From top left in clockwise direction: seafood salad, black cod fish in cream sauce, rather authentic tasting Vietnamese springroll, quite a huge serving of two types of smoked salmon.

There was a pasta station (which I initially mistook for a omelette station) and Jeffrey and I ordered our preferred pastas:

I chose to have the ribbon pasta in cream sauce with mushroom and spinach while

Jeffrey chose to have 'carbonara' - spaghetti with ham and mushroom in cream sauce. Both were okay but I preferred mine because somehow the cream sauce was creamier and thicker!

Jeffrey first took this plate of fragrant white rice (which tasted quite different from the normal white rice that we have, not that it's particularly good or bad but there's a distinct difference) with a small piece of steak (left), some lagsane as well as another small piece of meat. All dishes were generally above average in terms of quality so I don't think anything that you pick off the counter can go really wrong.

He then went to get his second plate of rice and embellished it with some chicken, tiger prawns, ratatouille (which he unfortunately didn't fancy) and potato dumplings in cream sauce and somehow CONVINCED me that I should try their 'special' white rice so I went to get this:

White rice with more black cod fish in cream sauce with asparagus (yes, again!), more hummus and snapper with beans (okay this wasn't too good so please avoid it in future). I must agree with him that the rice tasted different from the usual rice we have! It's slightly softer yet it has a subtle grainy texture, something like a Chinese version of Basmati rice! You won't regret trying it!

There was basically way too much food for us to try all and because I feel compelled to try most desserts on display, I'd to stop eating savoury food and start treating myself to the lovely petite items at the dessert counter!

From top left in clockwise direction: tiramisu (which was only okay), mango with sago (superb!), creme brulee (yum!), bread & butter pudding (to die for!)

From top left in clockwise direction: melon, chocolate eclair, mashed potato with mushrooms and a layer of cheese, apples! Oh before I go on, I must say that Bar & Billard has an amazing variety of fresh fruits available! There are AT LEAST 7 types of fresh fruits which is way more than the usual that are served at other buffets. Fruit lovers will definitely like the fruit bar!

Chocolate mousse cake that will appeal to all chocolate-lovers!

Another platter of desserts (from top left in clockwise direction): cheesecake (yummy!), lemon meringue, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake (too little strawberrries!)

Oh and to end off our meal, we'd a scoop-the-nicest-scoop-of-icecream-challenge! =D There were only two flavours - vanilla and chocolate - available so each of us scooped one! I don't think you need clues to guess who scooped which flavour! Both scoops of icecream tasted pretty good so we polished them off!

If you had to choose between Tiffin Room or Bar & Billard Room for an afternoon meal with family or pals, I would certainly recommend the latter! Lunch at Bar & Billard Room costs $58++/pax and I think it's quite worth it - foodwise and ambience wise. Give it a go if you're thinking of a having a nice chill-out meal this weekend!

Alright I won't be updating this space till next weekend because I'll be away during the coming week! Please take care and have a great weekend and following week ahead! (:

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