Tuesday, July 5

eM by the River

Good afternoon! (:

It's an extremely warm day outside and I'm just thankful that I managed to get off early today and come home to hide from the heat! As much as I love the sun (it makes me feel cheery), I sometimes wish it wasn't so hot so that I can feel less restless!

Anyway, I made use of my hols last month to visit a few food places in Singapore that I've always wanted to drop by but didn't because of time constraints etc. and I'm happy to say that I finally visited eM by the River! (:

eM is this cafe/ restaurant that is tucked right at the corner of Robertson Quay and it's relatively quiet compared to Epicurious next door, which I think is good because it allows for its customers to unwind and soak in the relaxed atmosphere.

We visited eM in around noon on a rainy Sunday and we were surprised to see that there were quite a number of people there already! I guess people tend to meet up for brunch on weekends or perhaps they were seeking shelter form the rain but whatever it is, I was thankful that we managed to get a nice, comfortable seat at the corner of eM. We were served orange juice, coffee and cappuccino, which came with our sets.

Jeffrey ordered the American Breakfast set ($20), which was pretty substantial since it came with baked beans (Jeffrey doesn't eat them so I always eat them for him), sauteed mushrooms, fried bacon, two eggs, toast and a side salad. I think this tasted pretty standard.

I ordered my usual Eggs Florentine ($15), which honestly wasn't very grand. I think the portion was so-so and it wouldn't have been sufficient if I were hungry so perhaps you shouldn't order this if you want something heartier and more filling!

Since we both had some space left in our tummies, we decided to order a slice of their famous walnut cheesecake ($9), which I felt was extremely overpriced but it was the nicest dish we had that day so I guess that put a sweet end to our meal.

In all, I felt that the food at eM was decent but not great but the ambience is nice for a slow and chillax meal with friends and/ or family. I would probably go back again to try other dishes if chance permits in future (:

Alright that's all for now. Have a great week ahead! (:

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