Sunday, July 10

Paulaner Brauhaus German Micro-Brewery Restaurant

Hello everyone! (:

I'm feeling quite happy that it finally rained just now, after many days of unbearably hot weather, because for once I don't feel like I'm being assaulted by the heatwave. Yesterday was quite an eventful day because my sister had her commencement ceremony (congrats Nette!) and I attended my first wedding dinner in a long time! (: I guess yesterday's wedding marks the first of the many upcoming weddings that I'll have to attend in the near future. I've somewhat concluded (might be a bit too hasty though since I'm only basing my conclusion on last night's dinner) that wedding dinners are great times for people to catch up with one another because you've about three full hours to talk to the person/ people you're sitting with! (: I'd a great time talking to the person next to me and am thankful that I'd such great company yesterday.

Because I heard that some of my fellow CCA people are going to visit Brauhaus at Novena this coming weekend after CCA and also because my family went to Paulaner Brauhaus German Micro-Brewery Restaurant at Millenia Walk not too long ago to celebrate my other sister's birthday, I'm going to post an entry on German food today! 

Paulaner at Millenia Walk is an extremely HUGE restaurant that spans three storeys, with the first being a pub/ bar and the second and third being dining areas. We were lucky to be seated away from the noisy post-work pub-crowd, on the second level, where the ambience was actually quite peaceful and nice for a family birthday celebration.

I was quite pleased that my entire family was game for German food that night (much thanks to Nette's recommendation) and I think most of us (except Jeff my brother) enjoyed what we ordered.

We were served three different types of warm bread (yum!) with butter and some other kind of spread which I've clearly forgotten! I loved the texture and taste of the slices of bread and I think that it's lovely that they were not stingy and gave us two such portions since there were so many of us at the table!

Every time I visit a German restaurant, I feel compelled to ask my fellow diners to try their sausages since german sausages are famous for being extremely tasty. We ordered two different types of sausages - the currywurst (pictured above) and the nurnberger (second photo) - and each dish costs $17. The people who ate the sausages took to them well and I think all of us liked nibbling on their above-average-tasting fries which were made slightly nicer because of the sauce that came with them.

Another signature German dish that one should try to order is the pork knuckle ($29.50). I think the portion was reasonable for its price! My parents felt that this pork knuckle was pretty okay but it wasn't as fragrant as they hoped for it to be so I guess if you're a pork knuckle fanatic, try not to get your hopes too high for this dish!

One of my sisters decided to order the Caesar Salad ($14) because none of the other dishes enticed her. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Caesar Salad came in a nice tall bowl! (: I think presentation affects our impression (and sometimes goes so far as to colour or judgement) of the dish and this caesar salad was definitely well-received by my sister!

The same sister who ordered the salad also placed an order for a bowl of mushroom soup ($9) which tasted much better than the usual mushroom soup! It's definitely worth a try (:

My brother ordered the Cheese Spatzle ($14.50) which was actually egg noodle in cream sauce that tasted slightly alcoholic. Before we took a spoonful of his noodles, we were wondering why he didn't like it because we actually made it a point to order PLAIN cheese spatzle for him since he doesn't like any condiments but after we took our first bites, we realised that there was a hint of alcohol in the cream sauce, which explains why he didn't like his food! We did some swapping so that we would finish his dish for him and he could eat some potato rosti ($13.50) and ham pizza ($20). The rosti and pizza arrived the latest and by then, we were all too engrossed with our own food and hence we didn't take any photos of these two dishes - sorry! My mum said that the rosti was nice so I think you can give it a try if you're not into having sausages when you visit Paulaner!

If you wish to play on the 'safe' side, you can always take after Jeffrey and order the Chicken Sausage ($16). This dish comes with two side dishes: mashed potato as well as german cabbage. It's actually pretty filling so it's just nice for people who like to have a 'well-balanced' meal that consists of carbohydrates, fibre and protein!

I ordered their fettucine ($18) which tastes much better than it looks. I thought the fettucine was just right because it was still a little springy and it helped to bring out the flavour of the sauce well. I very much liked this dish (:
Since no one in my family's into beer/ alcohol, we didn't order any proper drinks but we did, however, order overpriced soft drinks and other beverages. Each cup of softdrink costs $7 so you can imagine how much money we spent just on drinks! =S

On the whole, I thought that the food, service and ambience at Paulaner's were above average and they definitely superceded my expectations (: I think I'll go back again in future to try other dishes and maybe to listen to their live band on level 1! (:

Alright that's all for today. Have a great week ahead! (:

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  1. Hello Jan (: Thanks for blogging about the restaurant! Was telling my friend about it so I passed on the link to her. She commented that Jeff's dish looked "unappetizing" and "disgusting" but I remember it being alright despite the slight taste of alcohol in it! Oh, my friend also commented that it seems that you like Western food more than Asian food but I assured her that you like all kinds of food, lol. Okay, can't wait to get back home! (: