Friday, July 15

Bosses Restaurant


TGIF! (: This week has been a very long one and I'm thankful that I'm home tonight because I definitely need to catch up on some rest before I press on with my meetings and what not tomorrow morning!

It has been a very cold night so I thought I'd post an entry on some nice warm food so that people may think of going to this restaurant for some comfort food on a cold rainy day!

I was first attracted to Bosses Restaurant because of its name (This reminds me of my kids' performances - what's in a name? - which have been nothing short of splendid so far). I've been wanting to visit this restaurant for a long time and I'm glad that I finally got a chance not too long ago!

 Bosses Restaurant (aka Hei She Hui in Chinese) is located at Vivo City and it serves Chinese dimsum and food.

I love how the blackness of the interior and furniture of the restaurant - it's very well aligned with its name! Thankfully there's sufficient light so the restaurant, despite it's seemingly 'dark' interior setting is quite bright!

Because we were there on a Saturday afternoon when dimsum was available, we took the opportunity to try some of their recommended dishes!

Their Fried Carrot Cake ($6) was slightly unconventional. They decided to add a thin layer of fried egg above their carrot cake which made it taste slightly more hawker-centre-ish but it was definitely not bad. I still prefer the one served at Crystal Jade though because I think Crystal Jade's carrot cake is more fragrant.

A plate of Ginger Kai Lan ($12) which tasted surprisingly nice! I liked the hint of ginger and was thankful that the kai lan wasn't too bitter!

Mango Prawn Roll ($6) - this was the dish that our waitress recommended and we didn't regret ordering this at all! Though this dish isn't new to us, I felt that Bosses did it very well because the mango and prawn melded together perfectly such that it tasted complete and wholesome in my mouth! Definitely a must-order!

Another dish which you should order would be their Xiao Long Bao ($6.50) which Jeffrey devoured with complete satisfaction! (:

Their hargao (steamed prawn dumpling) ($5) was pretty average - the skin was slightly too thin so the skin broke before we ate them! I would prefer the skin to wrap the hargao until it is in my mouth!
Last but not least, we ordered their recommended stir-fry noodles ($16) which tasted like hongkong mee! Both of us felt that it was good because it wasn't too oily and that the noodles were still springy! You should order this to try if you are a noodle person like me! (:

Alright that is all for tonight! I hope that all of you will have a great weekend ahead! Bon appetit! (:

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