Friday, July 22

Bodega Y Tapas

Hello everyone (:

It's another cool and comfortable Friday afternoon (: Jade & I left school early to come home to lunch & rest because we've both had quite a long week! Am glad that I managed to survive the two longest Thursdays of the year without much difficulty! Just need to catch up on sleep if possible during the weekend.  

Today I shall blog about Bodega Y Tapas, which is located at Orchard Hotel. I wanted to go to this restaurant because my friend in school highly recommended their tapas and he said that this restaurant serves the best tapas in Singapore!

We went to Bodega Y Tapas for lunch on a Saturday afternoon and thankfully the restaurant wasn't very crowded. I loved the interior decor of the restaurant because there were splashes of bright colours everywhere and the place looked vibrant and welcoming! It does help their walls are nicely painted as well:

We chose to sit indoors and we managed to get ourselves a bright red high table! Just by looking at the table setting, I think one is able to tell that this is a tapas restaurant (just in case you don't know, you should be looking at the tooth-pick like things which you can use to poke your tapas!)

Table setting at Bodega Y Tapas

 This was their special traditional lunch set menu and both of us decided to get a set each! Each set costs about $35++ and it comes 3 types of tapas and a complimentary shot of alcohol (which I absolutely didn't like but more on that later).

 Jeffrey ordered a lime margarita ($6.80) since it was on offer and it tasted pretty good! Nothing too bitter or too strong.

 I ordered sprite as usual ($5) - I love how the glass is ribbed as it makes it easier for holding!

There were six tapas choices so naturally, we decided to get one of each since we could choose six:

 Cold cod fish salad with orange strips and some vegetables - this was one of the rare salads that I've ever eaten and I was very grateful that it tasted good so I didn't develop an aversion to fish-salads!

 Meatballs in stew with bread. Jeffrey loved the meatballs so he didn't have problems finishing them all! I shared the bread slices with him - they're quite tasty when you dip the bread into the sauce!

 Squid-ink squid! I think this was my least favourite dish partially because I am not used to eating relatively large/ whole parts of squid (the squid that I usually eat have already been sliced into rings) so I felt slightly weird having to eat such large pieces of squid! But to be fair, the squid ink tasted authentic and I think people who like squids should order this!

 Perhaps our favourite Spanish dish by far probably because it resembles fried/ scrambled eggs and it is tasty! If you are a conservative eater, please go ahead and order this!

 One of the best dishes that day: prawns drenched in olive tree and spice. The prawns were extremely warm and tender and the flavouring was stronger than usual, which made it nice to taste and eat.

 Last but not least, there's aspaaragus soup with one poached egg and bacon. The soup was quite delicious though I felt that they could have served this at the start of the meal?

 Finally, a picture of the infamous shot of alcohol (which smells like mouth wash/ listerine)  that was served to us =( I know better than to accept this complimentary drink in future!

Because the complimentary drink was so repulsive, we'd to order a tiramisu ($10) to wash down the horrible taste as well as to give our meal a proper ending. I think this tiramisu is slightly above average and the thing that I like most about is its presentation! (: It looks as if I've to dig into an earthen jar just to have some tiramisu!

I would agree that Bodega Y Tapas serves good quality tapas at reasonable prices so if you ever are in a mood for something exotic, please visit this restaurant to get your tastebuds a good pampering!

Alright that's all for now. Have a good weekend everyone! (:

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