Thursday, July 28

One-Ninety Saturday Asian High-Tea Buffet


It's almost the end of another hectic week and frankly I can't wait for the last bell to ring tomorrow so that I can tell myself that the weekend's finally here. This week's been quite tiring mainly because the school is going through this big exercise which involves almost everyone and there are also many other small pockets of activities slotted during free periods but I'm thankful that it's almost over!

I've decided to post photos of our not-so-recent trip to One-Ninety at Four Seasons Hotel today just in case some people might want to pop by to this restaurant this coming Saturday for some asian food (: My family went there after my second sister's convocation ceremony and we had a good time eating and just taking in the laidback atmosphere of this place. I noticed that the Saturday crowd is much thinner compared to their Sunday brunch crowd and I'm guessing it's because people tend to prefer international brunch (with champagne option) compared to asian food?

Anyhow, the price per pax for this particular asian high-tea buffet is $45++/pax and the high tea buffet lasts from 12-3pm so you've plenty of time to eat. The spread's reasonably wide but it can't be compared to Sunday brunch spread of course so there aren't many photos since the same dishes find themselves on our plates after a while:

 Fried puffs, egg tart and mixed salad.

 From left to right (in clockwise direction): shreded vegetables and fried tofu with peanut sauce, greek salad, potato covered with Indian curry, sweet potato (love it!)

 From left to right (in clockwise direction):  Rice, prawns with cashew nuts (yum!), hokkien mee (yumyum!), dimsum (not very nice, average only), different slices of meat, some chicken, white rice.

 Similar dishes as above except this one has briyani rice and slices of steamed chicken (spot them!)

 I think the most fascinating thing about this high-tea buffet is the meat corner! There's a whole range of different types of meat available! Definitely something to tickle the fancy of meat lovers! (:

 From left to right (in clockwise direction): dimsum, briyani rice, lentil cooked Indian style (nice!), hokkien mee

 We loved the hokkien mee so much that we kept helping ourselves to more of it! I think we emptied the at least one claypot full of hokkien mee!

 If you ever go to One-Ninety, you MUST try their famous laksa! It's really quite good! (: Almost all of us had one bowl each!

 Jeffrey tried to be funny and he took two types of white rice: Jasmine white rice and garlic rice

For a change, we took a platter of desserts! It's actually quite strange having asian desserts because my family's in the kueh business so we kinda grew up on some of these kueh-desserts and hence they're to very appealing to us.. but thankfully they come in small portions so we took some to try (:

 Back to more savoury food: prawns with cashew nuts, sweet & sour fish, hokkien mee, Indian curry

 More meat for carnivorous people! =D

 Mango Madness: Mango puree and mango sago in a shot

 Pulut Hitam - which was way too sticky!

 Ice kachang that had non-sweetened coloured syrup! =( But the cool thing about this is that the shaved ice is made using a traditional ice cube shaver! (:

 I actually ate every single piece of kueh on this platter! They're quite delicious (:

Pandan cake & kueh lapis - I think the pandan cake tastes nicer

 We ended off our meal with some good quality tea from TWG! (: Love the teapot!

Gumtoo & Jeffrey chose to have coffee, which was normal (:

If you were to ask me if I prefer their Saturday Asian high-tea buffet or Sunday international brunch buffet, I would choose the latter but I don't regret having asian food because I had it with the people that matter most to me (:

Alright time to get back to work! Have a great weekend everyone! (:

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